Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Out of Character : Update:

MarsColony has suffered an extreme lack of updates, because the computer these Sims were on was dying, and I only have just NOW gotten them running again.

I hope to start playing them again soon, and will try to do at least one update per week.

Meanwhile, Blogger has made the option to 'switch to Google Version' available to my account.

When my husband switched, he lost the ability to edit his primary blog for about 2 weeks... I will go ahead and swich my account over so that I'm not FORCED to do so, and I will update this update when I regain access. :)

If things are worse than expected, and you never hear from me again, please visit my domain CATscratches.Net and I'll put up a link there to a new blog to replace this one. :)

Thanks for visiting!

Well, I switched over to the new Blogger.. and it looks like everything's up and running!
I haven't lost access to ANY accounts! Yay!!

I'm busy creating some necessary accesories to add into the game.. so I'll try to get them done in time to start updating again next week.
Stay tuned!

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