Friday, March 31, 2006


Family 4- Week2- Day 1- Gemini.

Hi! This is Aries Gemini again!
My brother Apollo is too busy right now to talk... He says around School he has too little time with the ladies as it is... So, I thought I'd take a little time to spare him the inconvenience.

Actually, it's my pleasure to talk to you.
As you see from the picture to the left, we've had a busy day.

It started like all the rest, with yet another party, and Apollo making yet another conquest.
The only difference is that Ambrose got together with that Andromeda kid.
She kind of reminds me of me, except I don't think she's the cooking type. I hope he knows what he's in for.

When the party was winding down, Ambrose went to look up at the stars.

I know he didn't know what he was in for with that.
Suddenly this bright light came down from the skies, and picked him up... Thinking cap and all!

I tell you, this was not cool.
Apollo, Aldara, and I couldn't do anything but watch.

Aldara ran home, she said she'd already stayed too late as it was, and bad things tended to happen at our house after dark... but Apollo and I stood watch the rest of the night.
Ambrose was dumped back on the road first thing in the morning, just before the paperboy came... What a releif.

I don't know who it was in that ship... or why the Landing Site Radar didn't spot them, or sound an alert. I wonder if the Queen really knew what she was doing when she took us here?

All I know, is I think I need to get cleaned up before school... And maybe I should start thinking about learning a little more about this new world of ours... I have a call to make.

Gemini Stats, end of Week2, day 1.
Aries: Received 3,500 in scholarships on the phone.
Apollo: New love, Meadow. "cleaned up" on Dream Date.
Ambrose: Loves Andromeda Scorpio, Abducted just before 4am. (about 3:58)
Still very short on family funds.


Family 3- Week2- Day 1- Scorpio.

Hello! This is Anassa Scorpio again.
I have lots to tell you today.

First of all, my grandchildren grew up. They grew up every bit as handsomely as I expected..
I wishe their mother was still around to see them..
er.. well, she kind of is.. but I'll get to that later.

Andromeda .. well, I'm not too sure about her.. I always knew she was into fun, like me... but after only one date, she's already told me she wants to do it again, and again.. with at least 49 other boys!

Ajax is such a sweet boy, now a sweet young man!
He wants to have a family of his own someday... someday SOON! He told me he wants at least 6 children, and that they had all better marry while he's still alive, so he can see that they're all happy before he has to leave them. I think the loss of his Mom did have an affect on the poor boy.

Here's an image of him with his first girl... I'm not so sure he's picking wisely... I don't think she's the serious girl type.
You would have thought he'd have picked up on that, when he first tried to flirt, and she turned him down flat! But he's young, and determined... He kept after that Aleta girl, and soon enough had her giving him a kiss. I just hope she doesn't break his heart, poor boy.

And as for hearts...
Andromeda swears she almost had a heart attack earlier... She says her mother has jumped out at her twice, just today!

Well, I wouldn't beleive it of her, trying to scare her own daugther.. but I saw her too one day... and things are often cleaner when I wake up than when I went to sleep... I know the kids aren't doing it.

My life...

Well, I don't really know what to say about my life.
Acrisius Sagitar is such a nice, sweet, handsome man.. but so strange.
We have a lot of fun together... Then he starts talking about grilled cheese...
When we were considering having a Woohoo, he even asked if we could do it in a grilled cheese sandwich, instead of the bed!
We had a fight earlier.. I was soo sick of him talking about his sandwiches... We made up later, I suddenly just felt life was too short to be fighting all the time. Later, I found a sandwich under my pillow. Not what you want to wake up with in bed with you.
I've got to decide what I'm going to do about our relationship. I just can't go on like this.

Well, on another, more cheerful note, let me let my Nanny take over for a bit.. She's got a story of her own.

Hi! Madame Anassa said she already told you about me..
I needed a place to live temporarily, she needed a Nanny, so here I am!

In the images to the left, you see me and my hunky man Joe.
He calls me his treasure.. he's mine.

We went out to the Terraforming garden this evening... It was so nice and one of the moons was up. I'm not sure if it was Deimos or Phobos, but it shone like platinum.

I told him I had some news for him... I wasn't sure if he'd think it was bad or good. To my surprise, he was overjoyed! We're going to have a little one, you see... a little Martian to call our own.
After we left the park, he took me to his new apartment, and he finally proposed!!
He said he was waiting until the moment was right, and with the new apartment, and the little one on the way, he didn't think it could get righter.
I told him I won't marry him until after our baby is born though... I want to be sure he doesn't feel he's being forced into this.
He took my hands, and promised me that he didn't feel forced, and that he'd deliver the world to us... or at least more than our fair share. He feels that Fame will pave our way with gold, and that he has it in him to be a star athelete.
I told him, I plan to give him and the little one the world too... I won't stop until I earn 100,000 Simoleons!
Yeah. before it's through, we'll buy the world.

I left him with a farewell kiss, returned to Madame Scorpios home, and told her my story.
Even though it's the wee hours of the morning, I'm moving out.

With her grandchildren grown so big, she doesn't need a Nanny anymore... and I've received special dispensation to move out earlier than expected.
Joe, here I come!

Scorpio Stats end of week 2 day 1.

Anassa: Undecided of her future with Acrisius.
Ajax : In love with Aleta... Unfortunately a Romance sim.
Andromeda: Survived two birthday encounters with her mother. Wants 50 1st dates.

Andrea.... Outta here. Will be household 5 - Hogan family- starting tuesday morning.


Family 2- Week2- Day 1- Sagitar

Heya! This is the one, The only, Adonis here!!
And really, more of me would just be too much of a good thing!

We had a lot of goings on in our house this monday... I thought i'd grace you with my presence to tell the story.

Here you see an image of me and one of my laydies... Brandi!
Here I am, wearing my Wild Thing undies, trying to give her a little wine and dine... with grilled cheese sandwiches... That's all Pops will cook now! When who comes in wearing just his tightie whities?? You got it. The grilled cheese himself.

Well, We are talking about me here, so I still got me some action.

I taught Brandi the real meaning of flight!

Only the one gal today... I wanted to keep things a bit in moderation, cause after all.. The day was special for more than just my presence.

Pops old lady, My Laydie, and a few others were in attendance.

My niece was growing up!

She did grow into a pretty young thing!
I think she takes after Mom, like Me, and is going to be a real heartbreaker!

She confided in me later that she wants to Woohoo with 20 different Sims, just like me!

I'm so proud of her.. I taught her everything she knows...
That's not to say I taught her everything I know, however... The girl will have to learn some things on her own..

...shh!!.. Gotta run! Pop's looking for me, no doubt to extol the virtues of various types of moldy cheese over that of anything on mars for making a grilled cheese sandwich... I just can't listen to that speech one more time!

Sagitar end of day stats.

Adonis: Dreamdate, love, and woohoo... Brandi L.
Aldara: added scholarships -Bui engineering, Tsang footwork
Aleta : Grew up- Romance - woohoo 20 sims.
Admeta: Made friends with Anassa, close to freinds with Christy S.
Athena : Gained several body points. Fit as a fiddle, ready for promotion.
Acrisius: Ate 11 more grilled cheese sandwiches, for a total of 67. Gave a sandwich to Anassa S.


Family 1- Week2- Day 1- Virgo.

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here again....
Today I'm only giving an update for one day.. can you beleive it?
The other colonists said so much happened in that one day, they couldn't wait the rest of the week to send through the update...

I don't know how much could possibly happen... well, except that the kids got a little bit closer to datable material.. but anyway..
I don't have that much to say.

I'm more of a show and tell type of girl, anyway... so I guess I'll just show you my newest guy, and the downtown areas of Mars Colony that we've created.. although, come to think of it.. they look a lot the same as the places in Mars City.
Above, you see the Landing Site... The landing pad where that pilot was supposed to put down the ship. It has the satellite transmittors we use to send these CommBursts out to you right next door... although they are officially for use transmitting landing clearances.
Next door is the Storage and Docks Facility. That's where supplies are unloaded from the ships for distribution to colonists... although we've seen little enough of that.. We also use the place as a community meeting hall. We head down to see if any new fashions have arrived, stock up on foodstuffs, and even eat preprepared food there... we've created our own restraunt. It may look ratty.. but that place is hopping.
The green place is the Terraforming Seed Garden. An integral part of any Mars community, as that is the beginning of our Terraforming efforts. The garden produces Oxygen, seeds for distribution elsewhere on the planet, and has a nice supply of water piped to the surface.
That's all well and good... but we colonists have taken a bit of that water, and hooked up a hot tub there... Thats a nice place for a date too. :)

Speaking of Dates... Here's Kennedy Cox leaving me a bouquet of Roses... I don't know where these guys get them... Maybe the gardens in Mars City.

Later he brought me a Soma AudioGeek Tower Radio.

I Liked that better than the roses.

I've got to go now...

I'm trying to get ahold of that Brandon guy... His skirt's growing on me.
Dag Dag!

Virgo Home stats at end of first day, week 2.
1 resident, level 6 career in LTW track. Lot Value: 14,102 Cash 10,676 Ready for promotion

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Monday, March 20, 2006


Family 4, week 1- Gemini

"Yo! I'm Apollo Gemini! .. Here.. on the couch.
My twin brother playing with the fridge is Aries.
We have another brother, Ambrose... Yeah, just one. With our race, single births are kind of rare, so I'm really not sure where he came from... but he's a pretty good kid, nonetheless.
Our mother Queen Anezka was killed in the crash, so it's just us on our own.

We miss her... but without her here.. Hey! Party Central! Aries fell for that Sagitar girl, I've fallen for Ivy Copur, and Meadow Thayer, and Katy Long, and there's lots more gals out there I feel deserve some Apollo Time!
Even Ivy Copur Senior got into the action, when she and Benjamin Long were making out behind the building while me and young Ivy were making out in front!
Mars just has some kind of magic love light thing going on...
I think little Ambrose already even has his eye on that Andromeda girl.
Let me let Aries say a few words now.. I see a chick I need to make... "

"Um.. OK.. Thanks Apollo..
Hi! I'm Aries.
Apollo thinks I'm weird for only going out with the one girl... but if you find someone special, why look further? She and I can have lots of fun times together, no need to range afield.

I was afraid I'd lost her for a bit. One night, we were on a date, and she suddenly cringed away.
She said she'd seen my mother in me.
I'm not really sure what that means, but it must have been pretty bad, 'cause she dropped her drink and ran.

The next day, she came over and told me she loved me. She told me she wanted to date in the daytime, tho... she'd prefer not being over after dark.
I told her no problem. I loved her too, and I asked her to go steady with me.

It was a great day.

We've had several dream dates since then... What a girl.

A few nights later, it was time to throw little Ambrose's birthday party.
-Here's some pictures..

I couldn't invite Aldara, since the party was after dark... I really wish we didn't have that limitation.
We had several other visitors though, including Aldara's mother... Now that's pressure... Getting watched by your steady girls mom... I guess the bright side of Aldara not being there, she wasn't watching us kiss!

Oops.. I guess I should show you a picture of our pad...
It's not finished yet. Apollo and I planned it out as two complete houses.. one for each of us.. but with no more cash than we had, and no more building material, we ended up just having a sleeping area and a recreational area for now, with the eating area out of doors.

I guess now that Ambrose is grown up, maybe we should get us a job... or maybe start us up a business of our own... I wonder what kind of business we can start up for 300 simoleons?
Money just doesn't go as far as you'd think.. does it?
Apollo and I would like to go to college, and get Ambrose there too.. We might can get some scholarships... we're going to have to try. I wonder if they have funds set up for orphans?"

"Yo! Aries!!
You worry too much bro!! Let the folks leave now... I've got some romancing to do!!"

"O.K.. Bye all!"

Gemini home stats at the end of the week.

Lot Value § 14,119 - cash on hand, § 390

Apollo: Teen Romance- Loves Ivy Copur, Crush with Meadow and Katy, Friends with Aldara. No Job. Not enough skills for a skill scolarship. Straight A's -LTW Hall of Famer

Aries: Teen Pleasure- has had several dreamdates with Aldara. No Job. Needs 1 point for a Will Wright Genious grant. Straight A's -LTW Celebrity Chef

Ambrose: Young Teen Family- friends with Andromeda and Aleta, Also Teen Sophie Miguel. - No LTW yet.


Family 3, week 1- Scorpio

Hello! I'm Anassa Scorpio!

You see me and my two Grandchildren here in front of our house. The boy is Ajax, and the girl is Andromeda.

Their mother Amymone was killed in the crash, and now I'm trying to raise them on my own.

That's not to say I haven't had a little help. Or a little fun.

At first, I had too much help.

Everybody and their brother insisted on coming over and paying their condolences... and then wouldn't leave.
My grandaughter even forgot her grief long enough to scream that she couldn't hear the T.V.!

At least with all those people around, I got to spend some time with Acrisius Sagitar. He's pretty good looking and sweet.

He's gotten odd, though, since I met him on board the ship... He just kept talking about Grilled Cheese sandwiches!! ...Well.. even so, he was more fun to be around than when he was making eyes at every lady he'd see. Now, he just looks at the sandwiches, and me.

One night, I was relaxing in the hot tub with some friends when I heard my Granddaughter scream. She said she'd seen her mother. I was about to tell her that was impossible, when I saw her too!!

Amymone is watching out for her children, and for me, even after death... Cleaning toilets, and throwing away trash.

I wish she could just rest in peace... maybe she's just waiting for her children to grow up.

I was doing some recreational.. um... surveying... the other day, and you'll never beleive what I saw!

That Virgo girl was doing... well.. a lot she shouldn't have done.
You would think if she was going to have windows, she'd also add drapes!
And then she saw me peeking, and came and pushed me around!
It's not MY fault she cant keep things coverred!
If she tries puching me around again, I'll show her what for...

I hired a new nanny thursday.. That other woman was doing nothing but eating my food, and sitting around, screaming at anyone who went to the bathroom! The kids were nervous wrecks... Meanwhile she took home most of my take home pay! And I don't think I can expect any more promotions at my age...

I was complaining to my friend Andrea about this, and Andrea told me she needed a place to stay for a little while, and would watch the kids for free in exchange for room and board.

I hired her on the spot!
She introduced me to her Fiancee to be.. Joe.
(she told me he plans to propose to her at a romantic moment when she least expects it... I hope she's right, and he's not just two-timing her!)
Andrea made the children some new toys. It made them so happy! a toy firetruck for Ajax, a jack in the box for Aphrodite, and a spinner and kite for them both!
They couldn't get the kite to fly.. I wonder if it's because of the differing gravity here on Mars?

Well, I must leave now. The paperboy is going by, and I've got so much to do!

Scorpio home stats at end of week.

Lot value/funds (?)

Anassa: Elder Pleasure- LTW unattainable- Top of career track- Several Dream Dates with Acrisius. Friends with both grandkids, new nanny Andrea, and Abhijeet.

Ajax: Child- Best friends with sister, friends with grandma, Friends with Aleta.

Andromeda: Child- Best Friends with brother, friends with grandma, Friends with Ambrose.

Andrea Hogan: (T) Fortune - LTW (? I forgot to look)- loves Joe Carr (T) wants to marry him. Job (?)


Family 2, week 1- Sagitar.

Hi! I'm Admeta Sagitar... In the red sweater..

The two girls to my right are Aleta and Aldara. They're my daugthers.
The guy in the black and white shirt is my brother Adonis. My sister Athena is to my left in the zebra patterned skirt.
You'll see our dad behind me, Acrisius.
Behind HIM is our new home.

Here's the inside of our house.
Notice what's missing?
Well, in the crash when we landed here on Mars, something had to give.. we lost too much building material, and it'll be awhile before we get enough to complete our prefab house... We decided to leave the bedrooms for last, and just sleep under the stars for now.

It's a nice view... We can even see the Earth above us... But even with the hardships, it's nice to be away.

My brother Adonis is such a flirt.
Here, you see him visiting that Aphrodite girl who arrived with us.
She insisted on an equal share of money and building materials as the rest of the families, even though there's only one of her.. can you beleive it?
She was able to fit her bed inside her house... and she has windows...
Well, Adonis has spent at least one night there with her, so at least more than just her has enjoyed her excess.

We've had a bit of adventure in our lives...
Dad... Well, I'm not sure what he was thinking of..
He found this odd bit of equipment, and after looking over the runes on the sides, declared it was a machine that would make him a better lover. He stuck his head inside, and blammo...
He was alright... but now the only thing he really loves is grilled cheese sandwiches.

At least he's no longer pining over his inability to get paid for going to parties.

Another advantage, is he now insists on cooking every meal, giving me more time to meet new people.. and I want to meet and befriend a lot of them... it was hard, leaving all my friends behind on Earth... but my ex-husband was so jealous, I hadn't seen most of them since we were married anyway... I had to leave Earth to get away from him.

A disadvantage to Dad's Grilled cheese addiction... well... he's been making them less than a week now, and I'd already die for a plate of spaghetti.

Dad took a job as a waterboy, and when he could be bothered to go to work around his time cooking and eating grilled cheese has succeeded in getting promotions. One day, he came home and told us he'd spotted a player planting prohibited material in another players locker. Since it wasn't a grilled cheese sandwich, he really wasn't worried about it, and kept his mouth shut. He wonders why the guy who's locker that was got canned though. It wasn't grilled cheese, so who cares?
(sigh) That's my dad...

Sagitar home stats at end of first week.

Adonis: Romance-LTW 20 loves-No Job, 2 loves, 2 woohoos, 1 non-family BF... .

Acrisius: Grilled Cheese- Elder- Top of Athletic- 56 Grilled cheese eaten in his home - 61 days old, He likes Anassa Scorpio... but would he rather have another sandwich, or visit her?? difficult choice.

Admeta: Popularity-LTW Be a General-Job, Jr Officer (level 4)- 3 family best friends, 3 friends only. - Not ready to promote.

Athena: Romance- No loves- LTW Hall of Famer- job Starter (level 4) - Not ready to promote.

Aldara: Teen Fortune-LTW Hall of Famer- Top of teen Athletics- currently qualifies for 2 scholarships, Scholars grant, and Bui Engineering award. Likes the Gemini twins.

Aleta: Child - 2 Family best friends- Straight A student. Nearing birthday.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Family 1, week 1- Virgo.

Hi! I'm Aphrodite Virgo!

This is my home.
I'm luckier than most of us... Most of my prefab home and furnishings survived the crash... The other families may have to make do with much less for a while..
I almost feel guilty about that.
But, nah... I am just so happy to have a place I can call home, and can bring visitors too in order too.. well, you know.. be very friendly!
That's my carpool. I got this job as a golf caddy.. Not the greatest.. But I don't plan to stay there long.

Here's the inside of my house.
Not a lot of room, or much here, but I have what I need.
I do want a hot tub, however. Maybe later.

I've met a lot of interesting and friendly people since arriving on Mars... although I'm not too sure about all of them... Dude.. Why are you laughing at me? you're wearing the skirt!

This fellow I met on board ship. His name's Adonis... Isn't he dreamy?

He thinks I'm dreamy too.

So does Sandy Bruty.

I love it here on Mars! I've already discoverred four true loves here... and had the pleaseure to woohoo with them. Sure couldn't do that where I was from!!

Ah.. Sandy, Adonis, Komei, Brandi... I love you all.. And Brandi, I really appreciate the Karaoke machine!

But.. You know, that Ivy girl is kind of cute too... and even the guy with the skirt.

Its not been all fun here since my arrival.. In the last 7 days, I've showed my bosses what I'm made of! I've received repeated promotions, became a party DJ... almost forgot to bring my records with me... grabbed my HITS collection at the last minute and ROCKED THE HOUSE! That very night I was promoted to projectionist. Life just keeps getting better and better! Hmm.. well, I guess life has been all fun here since my arrival... lol... I can't wait until I can just get paid for going to parties... Hey, I've heard it can happen! and if it can, it will for me!

Ooops... It's Monday morning, and I see the paperboy bringing the Martian Chronicles... I've got to go. I'll write more for you next week! Dag dag!!

....I wonder how the other colonists are doing?

Virgo Home stats at end of first week.

1 resident, level 6 career in LTW track. has earned 5k... although her total value is currently only 20,501. 5 friends, 4 lovers. Ready for promotion.

Friday, March 10, 2006


The Mission begins.

Mars was to be colonized.
Colonization had become safer, and easier, due to the development of injections which allowed the body to adapt to any environment, so Mars could finally be colonized without constant use of heavy space suits.
Pilot Amymone Scorpio gathered together her mother, her two children, and three other families who were ready to put the Earth behind them.
The Earth had become overpopulated, you see... Laws were being passed regulating what should be a natural right.. That to woohoo as you please. Romance Sims could not put up with that. Pleasure sims were none too happy either. It can be so hard to enjoy a fun date, meanwhile knowing you would be denied woohoo.

The colonists had a party just before leaving Earth behind them. They took a photo in front of an old exploratory picture of their new home.

The mission begins

Here you see the families, from back Left to right, and front left to right.

The Virgos:
-Aphrodite Virgo.

The Gemini's:
-Queen Anezka Gemini
-Apollo Genini
-Aries Gemini
-Ambrose Gemini

The Sagitars:
-Acrisius Sagitar
-Adonis Sagitar
-Athena Sagitar
-Admeta Sagitar
-Aldara Sagitar
-Aleta Sagitar

The Scorpios
-Amymone Scorpio
-Anassa Scorpio
-Ajax Scorpio
-Andromeda Scorpio

Family Bios
Aphrodite Virgo. A lover of Romance. A wanter of Parties. Aphrodite's family wouldn't come with her, so she had to leave on her own. C'est la Vie!

Queen Anezka Gemini also had a thing for Romance... she took her twins and youngest sons with her. They'd left their own home planet for Earth, only to find within a few generations, that Earth was no longer the home they'd sought.
Aries Gemini loved things that were fun. He gladly left earth with his mother. He felt that someday, he'd like to be a celebrety Chef. His twin Apollo loved the ladies, the only thing he felt he'd miss from earth was sports. He planned to bring them to Mars with him, and become a hall of famer. Little Ambrose wasn't sure what was going on.. but he already knew someday he'd want a family of his own... he hoped he'd have a chance for that here on Mars.

The Sagitars:
Acrisius Sagitar had had enough of Earth. Romance was a big thing with his family. he, Adonis, and Athena all had romance on their minds. Seemingly even little Aleta was growing up romantically inclined. Acrisius knew he'd never reach his goal of being a professional party guest.. he just got tired too easily nowadays.. but perhaps his children and grandchildren could have a better life. Adonis in particular needed to leave Earth... he couldn't find 20 sims willing to violate laws to woohoo with him there... Athena planned to join Apollo in restarting sports, and getting in the hall of fame. Admeta wasn't worried who she did as much as who she knew. she hated leaving Earth, but couldn't see staying behind, since her young daughter Aleta seemed like she was growing up romantically inclined as well.. Her older daughter tho, so far only seemed interested in her allowance.

The Scorpios:
Amymone brought her mother and twin children with her. Her mother Anassa loved the little pleasures of life, and wanted to see something new. she'd never reached her lifetime wants on Earth... her Partying days were just not to be.. She hoped her grandchildren, Ajax and Andromeda, would reach whatever goals they set themselves, here on this new planet. Ajax already had told her he wanted a big family, and Andromeda like her grandmother loved trying new things.

The Story:
The flight went well.
The trip was so fast, no one really had time to visit with each other... But they'd have plenty of time to get to know one another on the planet! The next nearest settlement would be a good hike away.
As they arrived, and began to land, however, something went horribly wrong....
The only person who could know what, was the pilot Amymone. Unfortunatly, she could not tell them what caused the crash, as she and the alien Queen did not survive.

The Crash

The families buried their lost ones, and mourned, then took possesion of their assigned parcels of land.... it's time to carry on.

Unfortunately, most of their supplies were lost with the ship. Each family has only §20,000 to start their new lives. It will be a tough time for all.

4 Familys
13 Sims
§80,000 Simoleons

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