Friday, March 31, 2006


Family 1- Week2- Day 1- Virgo.

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here again....
Today I'm only giving an update for one day.. can you beleive it?
The other colonists said so much happened in that one day, they couldn't wait the rest of the week to send through the update...

I don't know how much could possibly happen... well, except that the kids got a little bit closer to datable material.. but anyway..
I don't have that much to say.

I'm more of a show and tell type of girl, anyway... so I guess I'll just show you my newest guy, and the downtown areas of Mars Colony that we've created.. although, come to think of it.. they look a lot the same as the places in Mars City.
Above, you see the Landing Site... The landing pad where that pilot was supposed to put down the ship. It has the satellite transmittors we use to send these CommBursts out to you right next door... although they are officially for use transmitting landing clearances.
Next door is the Storage and Docks Facility. That's where supplies are unloaded from the ships for distribution to colonists... although we've seen little enough of that.. We also use the place as a community meeting hall. We head down to see if any new fashions have arrived, stock up on foodstuffs, and even eat preprepared food there... we've created our own restraunt. It may look ratty.. but that place is hopping.
The green place is the Terraforming Seed Garden. An integral part of any Mars community, as that is the beginning of our Terraforming efforts. The garden produces Oxygen, seeds for distribution elsewhere on the planet, and has a nice supply of water piped to the surface.
That's all well and good... but we colonists have taken a bit of that water, and hooked up a hot tub there... Thats a nice place for a date too. :)

Speaking of Dates... Here's Kennedy Cox leaving me a bouquet of Roses... I don't know where these guys get them... Maybe the gardens in Mars City.

Later he brought me a Soma AudioGeek Tower Radio.

I Liked that better than the roses.

I've got to go now...

I'm trying to get ahold of that Brandon guy... His skirt's growing on me.
Dag Dag!

Virgo Home stats at end of first day, week 2.
1 resident, level 6 career in LTW track. Lot Value: 14,102 Cash 10,676 Ready for promotion

CatScratches Simmers Store

Looks like things are coming along nicely....a restaurant! DAG DAG! hehehe
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