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Time marches on.... Sims 3 Prosperity?

I really loved playing this prosperity challenge, and this long afterwards, I amazingly still miss these families... Especially the Gemini brothers, and my Grilled Cheese Elders...
However, shortly after my last post, my balky computer crashed again, and for the last time...
By the time I finally had a new computer, I had lost my place on the challenge, and wasn't sure I could regain it... Around my daughter I no longer had a lot of time to play anyway, so I didn't reinstall the old 'hood, or try the challenge again...
I'm STILL tempted too.. As I said, I LOVED it...

Right now, however, I'm playing Sims 3.

I have up until now only played one family at a time on Sims 3, due to the 'hood progression feature... but I'd actually like to try a true neibhorhood...
Considering this, I wanted a structured way to plan and control which Sims I played and for how long.... The best fit I could think of for this was the Prosperity Challenge. I cannot find Prosperity Challenge Rules for Sims 3... Well, I found one person's attempted rules... but they didn't look very usable.
( )
Unless I can find better rules, I'm thinking of making my own.

For this, I'm thinking of trying two versions of Prosperity myself, and seeing if either are workable around the challenges of the Sims 3 format.

Sims 3 Prosperity - Basic.
- For this you uncheck the enable story progression option...
Sims 3 Prosperity Alive!!
- Keep the progression option, and just deal with household changes that occur without your control.

I haven't completely figured out all the problems that will be encountered, but I will use this post and comments to it to brainstorm, and maybe have a few people chime in with their feedback and ideas. :)

One problem, maybe only with "Alive!", maybe with both... As I said, I haven't actually tried playing multiple households yet... I'll do that in a testing phase once I have more of an idea what I'm trying to achieve...

---one problem will be scoring Elders, and other Sims too; as they may die while you are not playing them...
I think the best option for this, is every time you play a family, the last thing you do before moving to the next is jot down their scorable stats. If they die during another part of the round, their score as of the end of their last playing session is their score. (stats, LTW achieved, amount of Reward points... [Should only the Unspent Total be scored? or also scores for rewards bought?] etc.)

---In the old post I linked with proposed rules, the author began with removal of all non-challenge Sims from the 'hood...
This actually seems to have CAUSED problems... - Even with story progression off, When your active Sim needed Co-Workers, the game would grab a random other Sim (one of your Challenge Sims, because they were the only ones in the neighborhood) remove them from their current career, and make them co-workers with your Sim.
I propose leaving the "Townies" for Job Fodder, as well as marital Fodder, etc... And just either choose a world with an empty street to colonize with your challenge Sims, (there IS one, I forget which one it is though.. I have 3 hoods in my game) OR use the move houses feature to rearrange your 'hood so that you have a nice empty area for your Challenge Sims. - you can also evict Townies from small households and merge them in with other households.
AFTER your neiborhood is prepared, you would place lots and houses for your challenge Sims, and roll and place them. (OR you could use small prebuilt homes... I tend to build since you can work within your sim's budgets...)
Even WITH townies for an employee pool, one of your Challenge Sims may occasionally get tapped for a job change, but that's just one of the obstacles they face towards reaching their goals. - Likely with this issue, Top Of Career LTWs should be scored with an extra (5?) points due to the added difficulty.

--- The post I linked above also had a convoluted Rolling system for traits, declaring them 'Bad-Good-or Neutral' and you could choose out of the 3 types of trait depending on your roll... Even though it gives you NO control, I think a simple in-game "Randomize" will work better.... If others like the ability to have a little choice in the matter, we could go with his rules instead... or let you choose one of the 2 methods.

--- One problem I anticipate IF you allow Story Progression, is you may find one or some of your challenge Sims marrying and moving out while you are not playing their households... When this happens, from the edit town screen you CAN move them, their spouse, and their children if they have any, out of wherever they moved TO, and either into their original home, or their family home. - We'd either need to make exceptions for the only one move per life-phase rule, or totally revamp it... Lets say Only one move per life phase EXCEPT for corrective moves.. AND no moving into a Non-Challenge inhabitted house. (I think moving your family in with your Rich boyfriend, and moving his townie family into YOUR old house [House-Trading] would be a challenge-breaker...)

I had more ideas, but am temporarily drawing a blank... took me too long to get to the computer, I've been thinking about it all last night and this morning. :)

I do not want to actually start this challenge until I get and install "late night"... maybe someone will give me my birthday present early. :) But I hope to have some good roughed out rules to test before then.

Anyone want to chime in?

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Out of Character : Update:

MarsColony has suffered an extreme lack of updates, because the computer these Sims were on was dying, and I only have just NOW gotten them running again.

I hope to start playing them again soon, and will try to do at least one update per week.

Meanwhile, Blogger has made the option to 'switch to Google Version' available to my account.

When my husband switched, he lost the ability to edit his primary blog for about 2 weeks... I will go ahead and swich my account over so that I'm not FORCED to do so, and I will update this update when I regain access. :)

If things are worse than expected, and you never hear from me again, please visit my domain CATscratches.Net and I'll put up a link there to a new blog to replace this one. :)

Thanks for visiting!

Well, I switched over to the new Blogger.. and it looks like everything's up and running!
I haven't lost access to ANY accounts! Yay!!

I'm busy creating some necessary accesories to add into the game.. so I'll try to get them done in time to start updating again next week.
Stay tuned!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


End of Week 3 Prosperity Score

Total points Week 3
week 3= 34 Pts
persim = 1.61
The breakdown: with additional info.

Hood- §§§ total (not counted in house points)
§§§ 3 weeks = 272786 = 3
// #of sims total = 21

/<> indicates change by orb
/{} indicates change by college
() indicates rolled, but not yet in effect
*indicates on occurrence scoring item
^^indicates item that will be scored as a whole.
$$$=OFB possible scoring item

CASx=Create A Sim, age when created.
TWNx=townie (counts as G1/CAS??), age when made playable
ya=youngadult (added during uni or to uni from teen townie)
PPP=Platinum Dead

TOC= Top of career


*** Virgo [current house points[[ 4 ]] ]

Aphrodite- CAS-A-F-ROM--LTWacheived = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
^^LTW acheivedTOC - *Top of career (Slacker) - 13 loves
Briseis: G2-C-F-(fam) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Beryl: G2-C-F- (pop) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]

*** Sagitar [current house points [[ 6 ]] ]

Acrisius- CAS*e-E-M-rom/<GC>-eat200gc = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
LTW close 194 GC
Adonis: CASa-A-M,ROM-Woohoo20 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Woohoos 9 /loves 10
Athena: CASa-A-F-ROM--LTWacheived = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
^^LTW acheivedTOC - *TOC (Athletics) Loves: 5
Admeta: CASa-A-F-POP-BeGeneral = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
LTW close level 9/10
Aleta: CASc-T-F-ROM-Woohoo20 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
4250 in Scholarships.

*** Scorpio = [current house points [[ 3 ]] ]
Anassa: CAS*e-E-F-plsr/<GC>-Eat200 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
193 Grilled Cheese Eaten, Needs 6 friends for Top Influence
Andromeda:CASc-T-F-PLSR-1stDates50 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Has had 24 First Dates. crushes 7, loves 1, 11 BF, 8F
Ajax: CASc-T-M-FAM-Have6kids; = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
4750 Scholarships, 7 BF, 1 love

*** Gemini = [current house points [[ 1 ]] ]
Ambrose: CASc-T-M-FAM-??? = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]

*** Hogan = [current house points [[ 7 ]] ]
Andrea Hogan: TWNa-A-F-FORT-earn100,000 = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
50,792 of 100,000 earned- *TOC (criminal) -3 BF 1 F
Joe Carr: TWNa-Adult-M-FORT-beHallOfFamer = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
*TOC(business)- Superstar (7th) Promotable. 10 BF 1 F
Jodie B(eth): G2-C-F-(rom) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Andrew B: G2-T-M-(know) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Joe B: G2-T-M-(fam) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]

*** VS2G Greek House = [current house points [[ 10 ]] ]
Aldara Sagitar: CASt-YA-F-Fort-beHallOfFamer = [current sim points[[ 3 ]] ]
College- *Grad CSL -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim
Aries Gemini: CASt-YA-M-PLSR-beCelebrityChef = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
College- Grad MCL 3.9 ? -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim
Apollo Gemini: CASt-YA-M-rom/{FAM} = [current sim points[[ 3 ]] ]
College- *Grad CSL -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim
Stella Terrano: TWNya-YA-F-KNOW-?? = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
College- Jr4.0 -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week3- College -Greek House


Aldara Scorpio here.

The boys and I are finally through college!

Now I can start earning money for real... Sure, I have already started a business, and it's going pretty well, but no one ever really takes college students seriously... College grads however...

After graduation, the guys wanted to wait and party a while before going back to the colony... I went ahead and stayed with them. I wonder if I shouldn't have just gone back though? I love Aries, and all... but he never takes work seriously.. Hows he ever gonna be the rich sim I want to marry that way?

Anyway.. Party time's over. I told the guys I was ready to leave, and they followed me. That Stella girl is going to stay behind and finish her junior and senior years. I can't say I really approve of her and Apollos relationship, but at least she's doing that much right.

Taxi's here... Come over to Aldara's Florals and Furnishings when you can! I've got the best deals on all your floral and furnishing needs... and for you, I'll give you a discount.

Greek House -- was level 6, dropped to 5
4 Sims- dropping to 1

Lot Value : §14,020 Cash: §10,920
Aldara: F,Fort-beHallOfFamer; SS, Greek, Big Woman, Graduated CSL 4.0
Aries: M,Plsr-beCelebretyChef; SS, Greek, Big Sim, Graduated MCL 3.9 :(
Apollo: M,Fam-Grad3Kids; SS, Greek House, Big Sim, Graduated CSL 4.0
Stella: F,Know-??; SS, Greek House, Big Woman, Jr year, Semester 2, GPA 4.0


Week3- Family 5- Hogan

Hello, Andrea Hogan here again.
Boy do I have some news...

Well, First off, my precious littel girl Jodie grew up into a beautiful child.

I was waiting, to give Joe some space, and time with me and Jodie B., before reminding him we were engaged, and seeing if he still wanted to marry me, when what happened?

That's right.. I got pregnant again.. and, Surprise... it was TWINS.
I named them Joe B. and Andrew.
I really hope my 3 favorite Martians don't frighten Joe off... I really *do* want to marry him. He seems to love the kids, but just hasn't decided yet.

I got a promotion, and reached the summit of the.. erm... Less than legal career track... But what kind of career is that when you're raising a family? I bought my way into a career in athletics instead. We'll let the kids think that is where their mom got the money to start a home business, and raise them.

I hope I can start earning some REAL money soon... Otherwise I may just buy into a new shop where the shopkeeper owes some simoleons to the Martian Mafia... Hey.. I still got connections, after all.
Shh! Here comes Jodie... I've got to run now!

Hogan Family Stats end of week.
5 sims
Lot value: §74,746 Cash: §28,081
Andrea: Adult,F,Fort-earn100,000; 50,792 of 100,000 earned, 3 BF 1 F
Jodie B.: Child,F,n/a; 4BF, 4 F, Lots of Skills
Twins-Non Cheesecake
Andrew B.: Toddler,M,n/a; 2 F
Joe B.: Toddler,M,n/a; 0 F
Joe Carr: Adult,M,Fort-beHallOfFamer; Superstar (7th) Promotable. 10 BF 1 F


Week3- Family 4- Gemini

Alert: Elevated sunspot activity. Quality of images included with this communique too low to present. Voice transmission only.

Hey, This is Ambrose Gemini.
My brothers are still at college, and will be transmitting a separate update.
Not much has been going on with me. I've been doing a lot of studying for school, and to prepare myself for college.
One interesting thing did happen... Adonis Sagitar was visiting my business, messing around and hitting on all the women. That Aphrodite Virgo caught him kissing Jan Tellerman. She slapped Jan, but Jan said it was worth it to her.. she thinks she's in love.
My business has been going pretty well, even with little things like that happening.
I've got to go now. I'll be heading out to college soon.. I hope my brothers get back in time to keep any homesteaders from grabbing our place.

Gemini end of week Stats.
1 Sim
Lot Value: §48,313 Cash: §6,363
Ambrose: Teen,M,Fam-?; §8,000 scholarship, 7 BF.
Home Business, Rank 6


Week3- Family 3- Scorpio

Hello! (Munch Munch)
Thish is Anassa Scorpio. (Munch Munch)

Pardon me talking with my mouth full.. but this shandwich is shoo good I can't stop eating... (Munch Munch)

Well, Andromeda has been dating like there'sh no tomorrow.. (Munch Munch) Boysh, girlsh, it doeshn't seem to matter to her... She says she wants to get through the mosht life she can before college, and reshponshibilitiesh.. (Munch Munch Munch)

Ajaxsh hash just been doing a lot of shtudying... (Munch Munch) I guesh thatsh good... maybe he'll learn to make a really good Martian Cheeshe.. (Munch Munch)

Well, I gotta go. The kidsh'll be leaving for college shoon, and I want to make them each a fresh plate of Cheeshe shandwichesh to take with them... After I'm through eating that is.. (Munch Munch Munch Munch)


Scorpio end of week Stats.
3 sims.
Lot Value : §19,384 Cash : §4,384
Anassa: Elder,F,GC-Eat200; 193 Grilled Cheese Eaten, Needs 6 friends for Top Influence.
Andromeda:Teen,F,Plsr-50 1stDates; Has had 24 First Dates. crushes 7, loves 1, 11 BF, 8F
Ajax: Teen,M,Fam-Have6kids; 4750 Scholarships, 7 BF, 1 love


Week3- Family 2- Sagitar

Heya! The one, The only, Adonis again!!

Let me tell you what's up with the Donster.

I spent a lot of time this week doing the whole Dating thing...
I got tired of finding the Lay-dies myself, and this here Gypsie Chick (she mighta been cute when she was about 200 years younger.. but now... Yikes..) shows up and says she can find me the right girl for me.
I didn't really beleive her, but I handed her a 20 and said 'Go for it'.
You know, some of them girls she gave me were really cute!!
Some were cows, but I guess if I can hand her 20 bucks and get a date with a girl it's worth it!
Athena decided to try it as well, and finally got to go on a date or few herself.
She hasn't done as well as me, but Who can? I mean, she's not me, so she's automatically doomed for failure... even though she does have the advantage of having my winning genes, and being a Hall-Of-Famer on top of that.
Anyway, while she was on a date the other night, that skirted guy, brenton, or something like that.. Caught her on a date.
That guys been kicking over our trash ever since.
But hey, at least he left us a Bust of Tylopedia!

Pops has still been eating his Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... He's saying he's almost up to some magic number, Aleta's been pretty much of a little dater herself, and Admeta's getting pretty high up in military life. She's gotten to be freinds with a lot of the people Athena and I invite over. She doesn't much care for the way we treat them, but promises not to talk unless it involves National Security.

... Well... Breaks over, Back to dating!
Oh! and Dating Materials a bit in short supply here... Why don't you send any babes over your way, over MY way? Otherwise... Some of the guys are starting to look cute.
But not the guy in the skirt.
That's just wrong!

Sagitar End of week Stats.
5 Sims.
Lot Value : §30,818 Cash: §25,033
Acrisius: Elder,M, GC-Eat 200; 194 Grilled Cheeses Eaten... Almost to Emmental Enlightenment.
Adonis: Adult,M,Rom-Woohoo20; loves/makeouts: 10 Woohoos: 9
Athena: Adult,F,Rom-AcheivedLTW; Loves: 5
Admeta: Adult,F,Pop-BeGeneral; Currently Astronaut. Ready to promote.
Aleta: Teen,F,Rom-Woohoo20; 4250 in Scholarships.


Week 3 - Family 1 - Virgo

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here.

It's been an interesting week.

When we left off, I'd just had a new baby, and was worrying about enlarging my house.

Well, the baby grew up into a toddler... Much easier to take care of... leave her in a bedroom full of toys while I date... But then all of the sudden I find out I'm expecting again!!!
Well, I'll continue dating somehow... I hope I don't gain weight this time...
I told Abhijeet I was expecting, and thought it might be his... he gave me a florid font.
What good will that be raising a kid?? Well.. I sold it for building money anyway.
Amin gave me a pinball machine and a DJ booth. I guess I was having a little emotional overflow from the whole pregnancy thing... I proposed to him then and there!
What was I thinking?? A sim like ME shouldn't get married...

After little Beryl was born, and Briseis grew into a child I finally started on my remodeling.

Good thing I finally have my income from being a professional Party Guest to pay for it!

Even so, I had to save some of the planned remodel for later. Can you beleive I couldn't afford WINDOWS for my bedroom? It makes it so drab and dreary in here... I'll add them soon.

Well, Beryl is a toddler now, now I just have to watch out for Bri... she's almost caught me with the guys several times... And I think she's a bit young for that still.

Virgo Stats- End of week.
3 sims
Lot Value = §30,226 Cash on hand = §5,034
Aphrodite: Adult, F; LTW acheived!! Prof Party Guest. 13 Loves, 5 Crushes, 8 days to elder.
Briseis: Child, F; 4 friends, 7 days to teen (fam)
Beryl: Toddler,F; 4 days to Child (pop)

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College-Week2- The first Fish.

Welcome to Mars University!!
Good old Mars U.

Maybe eventually we'll have our own college in Mars Colony, but its nice getting to Mars City, and to their University for now.

If you look straight North from the Landing Site, and past the Gym, you'll see our dorm.

This is where we first went when we moved to campus. It's a nice enough place.. but kind of small.

Hi, I'm Aries Gemini again, by the way.

Aldara had already moved to college, but had barely settled in when my brother and I joined her.
We could have gotten our own place, between the two of us we had §10,000 in scholarships... but I wanted to be with Aldara, and Apollo wanted to be where he could meet more ladies.

I'm still pretty happy with just the one.
We have lots of fun together.. sure, sometimes I wish I could go on first dates with other ladies.. but then I remember how nice it is to have someone I just get along with, and can have fun times with.

I sealed that deal the other day.
I told Aldara I'd waited long enough, and asked her is she wanted to get married after college.
She said she'd love too.
I wish we could get married now.

Aldara and I pooled our extra Scholarship money, and she bought a little store in town.
We go there on the weekends, and run the place.
Apollo comes along and chats with the ladies, and checks them out... in more ways than one.
I make flower arrangements, and Aldara gets people to buy things... Whether thay want to or not.
She's good at that.

Aldaras Furnishings and Flowers was running swimmingly in no time.

Not long afterward, I think the college may have been feeling a little pressure from the Gemini race regarding the death on Mars of the Alien Queen, and leaving her kids to make do on their own, because the college made this really sweet place available to us to rent.
Indoor swimming pool with High Dive, 4 bedrooms, glass floors in the main room upstairs, and the third floor.

They gave us a pretty good deal on it.
Come to find out, it was because the place was completely unfurnished... But that's OK.

We rented the place, and chartered it as a greek house. Faculty and students who want to be on our good side occaisionally give us free gifts... things like pizza, furnishings, a bar-b-que pit.. etc. And of course Apollos ladies sometimes give us gifts... Like that expensive telescope... and Aphrodite gave us a piano. I wonder where she got that?

Speaking of Apollos ladies... Here are a few of them.

I lost count of how many he's been with.. I'll have to get back with you on that.

I really began to wonder if he'd ever settle down.

One odd thing happened to me.. I also found out it happened to the rest of us too.
I really can't talk more about that.

and speaking of me not talking...
I want to let Apollo give you the rest of the low-down.

Yo!! Apollo Gemini here!!
Whoah.. so much has happened since I last spoke to you.. so many sweet chicks I've gotten to spend some time with...
Apollos Change
But the biggest change... I think may be in me.
See that girl over to the left?
That's Stella. She's a Polinator alien, she says... she seems kind of like my people, except for the round ears, normal single births, and the black eyes.
... those black eyes... I've never seen anything like them. I felt like I was swallowed up in them. and I didn't want to be anywhere else.
I tried dating another couple of girls after her, but it just wasn't the same.
I was hooked. Hooked on a chick. At the end of my Sophmore year, I asked her to move in with us... a couple of days later, I asked her to be my intended.
I don't know which is more amazing, that I asked, or that she said yes.... but I'm so happy she said yes. She's a freshman, and has already told me learning is very important... So she won't even consider leaving college early. I'll have to wait for her a while, until she graduates. No problem. There's no other girl for me anymore.
Stella's calling... I gotta go.

The best use for a cow mascott.

The guys haven't done a lick of their own schoolwork. Why bother when there's evil cows to do it for you?

College Greek House stats, end of week 2.

Aldara Sagitar: YA-Fortune, 4.0, greek house, SS, has a business. (level not noted)
Aries Gemini: YA-Pleasure, 4.0, greek house, SS
Apollo Gemini: YA-Romance/Family, 4.0, greek house, SS, BMoC
Stella Terrano: YA-Knowlege, Fish, greek house, SS
Lot value & Cash on hand: Not noted.


Family 5- Week2- Days 1-7- Hogan: The new place.

Hello !
Welcome to my new home!
To the left, you'll see me, Andrea, and my Fiancee Joe Carr with our daughter.
Jodie Beth.

It seems no sooner had I moved in with Joe, she was born!
Although there actually were several days of me going to work like a pumpkin in there somewhere.

We've already had to enlarge our new home.
Luckily, we were able to get supplies from Mars City.
Joes bosses were no help. Other than the §20,000 we had to buy and renovate our home, he was paid a moving bonus in.. of all things.. CLOTHES.
Well, it's nice to have a wardrobe, anyway.. even if not all of it fits.

Joe was able to get several promotions afterwards... using that, and my pay from my job, we bought a few fun items, and started letting people pay us for time spent using them.

It's working out ok so far, although later I think I'll want to buy a lot for my business.

This one lady showed up, played a little bowling, and scribbled in a notebook... Joe was worried about what she might want, but then she went and played a while with Jodie, so she can't be all bad.
After a while, she just left.

Jodie likes her, and now for some reason tells me her bunny toy's name is egzovereazee.

Hogan House Stats end of week 2:
Andrea: Adult-Fortune, Counterfitter- short 1 creativity for promotion, 3 BF
Joe Carr: Adult-Fortune, Top of Business track- Studying for LTW career change. 6 BF + 5 F
Jodie B.: Toddler. 8pts Charisma, 4 friends.
Lot Value: §49,641 Cash: §10,947
(Home business: rank 4=value §20,000)

Controllers note: Joe brought in less than §3,000 when he moved in. I was advised to eliminate his move-in funds to put them more on a par with the other families... I spent about §5,000 on clothing, just to make sure I wasted enough.
Other than the starting §20k, they actually built this all up in a week.


Family 4- Week2- Days 2-7- Gemini

Hi! This is Ambrose Gemini!

I guess I'll be giving the updates for a while, because my brothers are outta here.

Anyway, Tuesday my brothers and I had a little discussion... We were too short on funds even to buy groceries. Aries got a job at some fast food joint to get us some spending money, and Apollo groused, but wouldn't let him do the work alone, and got himself a job in the Martian Armed Forces.
They didn't want me to get a job yet, since I had a lot of studying to do... But I fooled them. While they were off to work on their first day at their new jobs, I had a ticket machine installed. ( I had to hock a couple gifts Apollo had gotten to afford it, tho.. ) By the time they got home from work, I'd already made more than their take-home pay.
Apollo griped that it would destroy his social life, but I pointed out to him that he's such a 'stone-cold fox' that his girls wouldn't mind paying money to spend time with him... He had to agree about that.

Anyway, the rest of the week, we partied, and the other two went to work. They didn't really want to admit I'd found an easier way for us to prepare for college and our futures than their minimum wage jobs.

By the end of the week, they'd gotten as far as they could in their jobs, and announced they were off to college.

They sent me a picture of them at their dorm mailbox. They're looking good.. but Apollo sure seems to be dressing oddly for him... Maybe girls in the dorms prefer a less... Stone-cold fox... appearance?

The school bus is here!! and there's a customer on his way to complain... I didn't pick up the gelatin dish the second he was through eating, I bet...
I've gotta scram before he makes me miss the bus!

Gemini end of week 2 Stats:
Ambrose: Teen-Family, 6BF + 1 F, 4 scholarships.
Apollo: YA-Romance-Outta here. §5,000 in Scholarships.
Aries: YA-Pleasure-Outta here. §5,000 in Scholarships.
Lot Value: 32,691 Cash on hand:§1,499
(Home Business=3 *'s =§15,000 value)


Family 3- Week2- Days 2-7- Scorpio

Hello, Anassa Scorpio here again to give you this weeks update.

It's been wearing a lot on my mind lately what to do about Acrisius.

I found myself just sitting and thinking about him.. Unable to concentrate on anything else.
I've never felt about anyone else like I've felt about him... When I'm with him, I have fun.. Despite his singlemindedness on Sandwiches.

While I was doing some housework, I hit a bald wire on the TV... That was a shocking experience, and a reminder that life's too short.
Then I got a love note from Acrisius... He can somehow be so sweet... There was a faint cheesy odor the cologne sprayed on the letter couldn't hide, however.
I called Acrisius's family, and scheduled a time for a visit without his presence... I've made my decision. I'm going over to the Sagitar house to try out that little machine of Acrisius's. I'm taking a ring and a single rose Acrisius gave me to try to remember that I want to marry him.
We'll see what happens now.

Hi everyone.
Andromeda here.
Well, Grandma did it.
She went and fried herself into a grilled cheese fanatic like that guy of hers, and forgot that she needed to tell you the results.

She somehow rememberred after she came home and ate a plate of sandwiches to invite Acrisius over and asked him to marry her someday. He said yes.
Of course once she got past that, she doesn't seem to remember that they should be planning a wedding. They just eat more sandwiches.
Acrisius seemed to be very happy with her change, tho and brought her and us a gift.
A Karaoke machine full of songs about... cheese.

Meanwhile, I've had a fairly decent week.

I've had 10 first dates.
Most of them I wouldn't want to go out with again, but we had fun on our dates anyway!!

I made a few flower arrangements while I was at the Storage and Docks, waiting on some guy to show up... I figure I may need to know how to make a nice arrangement if some guy ever asks me out and we have a really good time.

My brother Ajax has been pretty boring lately... all he ever seems to do is study.. he says if he's going to be a good provider for his 6 or more kids someday, he's going to need a good education.

Well, That's about it... I gotta run now.. the school bus is almost here, and there's this cute guy in class I want to go out with..

Scorpio end of week 2 stats.
Anassa: Elder-GC, 63 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 6 BF + 7 F
Andromeda: Teen-Pleasure, 10 of 50 first dates. 4 BF + 7 F
Ajax : Teen-Family, 4 scholarships, almost five. 3 BF + 2 F.
Lot Value: §17,119 Cash on Hand: §1,117


Family 2- Week2- Days 2-7- Sagitar

Acrisius Sagitar speaking... My kids were all busy and asked me to speak to you.
I told them only if they promised to finish their grilled cheese sandwiches today, instead of leaving the crust for me... Growing kids have to have their grilled cheese...
Um.. quite right.
They also asked me to keep the cheesiness to a minimum.. (yum.. cheesey..)

Anyway.. not a lot happened this week of importance..
Aldara went to college with a §4,750 scholarship... I told her all she needed to know how to do was make grilled cheese... she seems to think there's more to life than sandwiches... more.. Impossible!

um.. yeah.
Adonis fell in love with Kay and Tamara someone or another, and they had some fun.
Admeta is Best freinds with Ivy Copur and Anassa...
Aleta found a new love in Sophie M.
Athena swears all she can do around us is work, and despairs of finding any men.

OK.. that's pretty much it, except that I have eaten more grilled cheese sandwiches... I've been experimenting with different cheeses, trying to find the ones whos molds give the sandwich the best flavor... let me tell you about it... it will only take about two hours or so if I keep it short...
Hey!! Where are you going!
Come back here! let me tell you about the cheese!....

Sagitar family stats- End of week 2.
Acrisius: Elder. GC. 116 Grilled cheese sandwiches down.
Adonis: Adult. ROM. 5 loves/woohoos.
Athena: Adult. ROM. Superstar, ready to promote.
Admeta: Adult. POP. 8 BF + 3 F. Flight officer, ready to promote.
Aldara : YA. §§§. Off to college with §4,750.
Aleta: teen. ROM. 2 loves, 1 crush.
Lot Value: §24,062 Cash: §11,071

Controllers note... Blogger wouldn't let me upload the photos for this one for some reason... they weren't too impressive... maybe I'll upload them later, maybe not. (update.. I uploaded 1.)


Family 1- Week2- Days 2-7- Virgo.

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here yet again.... I've got some nice pictures and info for you today...

A lot happened.. I still can't quite beleive it as I sit here typing to you.

OK.. Well.. Let me start from the beginning.
The last I told you, everyone else had had a big day, and several Kids grew to teens.

So what.

Virgos Guys
The rest of this week went interestingly for me though.

First, I had a great time with several guys.
There was Ken Cox, Donte Love, Zeeshan Larrea, Thomas Straight, Brandon in the skirt, Abhijeet D.... Well, I had dream dates with all of them... One or two I have yet to talk into a woohoo... but not much longer.

Zeeshan, I had a particularly nice time with, so here's several pictures of him.

Virgo Babe
Someone left me a little surprise, proving that my pre-flight injection wasn't 100% effective..
looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I still looked good, but I wasn't sure what the guys would think, But Brandon said I was still one hot mamma..
hmm.. Mamma.. Me.
Well, even if she wasn't planned, or even originally wanted, I wouldn't give my new daughter Briseis up for the world.
I wonder if I should tell Zeeshan I think she's his?

The guys left me several gifts .. nice stuff that I didn't particularly need or have room for.
Two left busts of Tylowhatvia...
One left me a nice Stereo system..
and one gave me a Piano... Does it look like I have room for a piano?

I figured out something to do with the piano tho.
More on that later.

I really need to enlarge the house now for me and Bri.. If some building supplies will just come in. I've managed to make a very small house a very comfy home, but babies shouldn't grow up too cramped.

Aphrodite and Apollo
The fun didn't have to stop with motherhood..
While I was having a child, that adorable young Gemini guy grew up to young adult... That's old enough for me.
Me and him had a fun time at his place in college... Well, before he ruined himself.

I'll let him tell you about that in his update from college.

oooh!! Hunky guy alert!! Gotta go!

Virgo Stats, end of Week2
Aphrodite: 8 Loves/woohoos, 2 Crushes/Bfs - Freelance Web-designer, needs 1 friend and 1 Charisma point for promotion to LTW.
Briseis : Infant. (r)
Lot Value/Cash: Lot Value: 14,102 ? Cash: 19,455

Controllers note... While Aphrodite was pregnant, I tried out the new 'go to work while pregnant' feature with OFB... She went to work late that day, and was fired despite maternity leave and a good job performance meter... As I think this was a glitch, and she quicky re-received and surpassed her lost job level, I'm not counting the deduction this once. She's already penalized by no Maternity Leave.

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Friday, March 31, 2006


Family 4- Week2- Day 1- Gemini.

Hi! This is Aries Gemini again!
My brother Apollo is too busy right now to talk... He says around School he has too little time with the ladies as it is... So, I thought I'd take a little time to spare him the inconvenience.

Actually, it's my pleasure to talk to you.
As you see from the picture to the left, we've had a busy day.

It started like all the rest, with yet another party, and Apollo making yet another conquest.
The only difference is that Ambrose got together with that Andromeda kid.
She kind of reminds me of me, except I don't think she's the cooking type. I hope he knows what he's in for.

When the party was winding down, Ambrose went to look up at the stars.

I know he didn't know what he was in for with that.
Suddenly this bright light came down from the skies, and picked him up... Thinking cap and all!

I tell you, this was not cool.
Apollo, Aldara, and I couldn't do anything but watch.

Aldara ran home, she said she'd already stayed too late as it was, and bad things tended to happen at our house after dark... but Apollo and I stood watch the rest of the night.
Ambrose was dumped back on the road first thing in the morning, just before the paperboy came... What a releif.

I don't know who it was in that ship... or why the Landing Site Radar didn't spot them, or sound an alert. I wonder if the Queen really knew what she was doing when she took us here?

All I know, is I think I need to get cleaned up before school... And maybe I should start thinking about learning a little more about this new world of ours... I have a call to make.

Gemini Stats, end of Week2, day 1.
Aries: Received 3,500 in scholarships on the phone.
Apollo: New love, Meadow. "cleaned up" on Dream Date.
Ambrose: Loves Andromeda Scorpio, Abducted just before 4am. (about 3:58)
Still very short on family funds.


Family 3- Week2- Day 1- Scorpio.

Hello! This is Anassa Scorpio again.
I have lots to tell you today.

First of all, my grandchildren grew up. They grew up every bit as handsomely as I expected..
I wishe their mother was still around to see them..
er.. well, she kind of is.. but I'll get to that later.

Andromeda .. well, I'm not too sure about her.. I always knew she was into fun, like me... but after only one date, she's already told me she wants to do it again, and again.. with at least 49 other boys!

Ajax is such a sweet boy, now a sweet young man!
He wants to have a family of his own someday... someday SOON! He told me he wants at least 6 children, and that they had all better marry while he's still alive, so he can see that they're all happy before he has to leave them. I think the loss of his Mom did have an affect on the poor boy.

Here's an image of him with his first girl... I'm not so sure he's picking wisely... I don't think she's the serious girl type.
You would have thought he'd have picked up on that, when he first tried to flirt, and she turned him down flat! But he's young, and determined... He kept after that Aleta girl, and soon enough had her giving him a kiss. I just hope she doesn't break his heart, poor boy.

And as for hearts...
Andromeda swears she almost had a heart attack earlier... She says her mother has jumped out at her twice, just today!

Well, I wouldn't beleive it of her, trying to scare her own daugther.. but I saw her too one day... and things are often cleaner when I wake up than when I went to sleep... I know the kids aren't doing it.

My life...

Well, I don't really know what to say about my life.
Acrisius Sagitar is such a nice, sweet, handsome man.. but so strange.
We have a lot of fun together... Then he starts talking about grilled cheese...
When we were considering having a Woohoo, he even asked if we could do it in a grilled cheese sandwich, instead of the bed!
We had a fight earlier.. I was soo sick of him talking about his sandwiches... We made up later, I suddenly just felt life was too short to be fighting all the time. Later, I found a sandwich under my pillow. Not what you want to wake up with in bed with you.
I've got to decide what I'm going to do about our relationship. I just can't go on like this.

Well, on another, more cheerful note, let me let my Nanny take over for a bit.. She's got a story of her own.

Hi! Madame Anassa said she already told you about me..
I needed a place to live temporarily, she needed a Nanny, so here I am!

In the images to the left, you see me and my hunky man Joe.
He calls me his treasure.. he's mine.

We went out to the Terraforming garden this evening... It was so nice and one of the moons was up. I'm not sure if it was Deimos or Phobos, but it shone like platinum.

I told him I had some news for him... I wasn't sure if he'd think it was bad or good. To my surprise, he was overjoyed! We're going to have a little one, you see... a little Martian to call our own.
After we left the park, he took me to his new apartment, and he finally proposed!!
He said he was waiting until the moment was right, and with the new apartment, and the little one on the way, he didn't think it could get righter.
I told him I won't marry him until after our baby is born though... I want to be sure he doesn't feel he's being forced into this.
He took my hands, and promised me that he didn't feel forced, and that he'd deliver the world to us... or at least more than our fair share. He feels that Fame will pave our way with gold, and that he has it in him to be a star athelete.
I told him, I plan to give him and the little one the world too... I won't stop until I earn 100,000 Simoleons!
Yeah. before it's through, we'll buy the world.

I left him with a farewell kiss, returned to Madame Scorpios home, and told her my story.
Even though it's the wee hours of the morning, I'm moving out.

With her grandchildren grown so big, she doesn't need a Nanny anymore... and I've received special dispensation to move out earlier than expected.
Joe, here I come!

Scorpio Stats end of week 2 day 1.

Anassa: Undecided of her future with Acrisius.
Ajax : In love with Aleta... Unfortunately a Romance sim.
Andromeda: Survived two birthday encounters with her mother. Wants 50 1st dates.

Andrea.... Outta here. Will be household 5 - Hogan family- starting tuesday morning.


Family 2- Week2- Day 1- Sagitar

Heya! This is the one, The only, Adonis here!!
And really, more of me would just be too much of a good thing!

We had a lot of goings on in our house this monday... I thought i'd grace you with my presence to tell the story.

Here you see an image of me and one of my laydies... Brandi!
Here I am, wearing my Wild Thing undies, trying to give her a little wine and dine... with grilled cheese sandwiches... That's all Pops will cook now! When who comes in wearing just his tightie whities?? You got it. The grilled cheese himself.

Well, We are talking about me here, so I still got me some action.

I taught Brandi the real meaning of flight!

Only the one gal today... I wanted to keep things a bit in moderation, cause after all.. The day was special for more than just my presence.

Pops old lady, My Laydie, and a few others were in attendance.

My niece was growing up!

She did grow into a pretty young thing!
I think she takes after Mom, like Me, and is going to be a real heartbreaker!

She confided in me later that she wants to Woohoo with 20 different Sims, just like me!

I'm so proud of her.. I taught her everything she knows...
That's not to say I taught her everything I know, however... The girl will have to learn some things on her own..

...shh!!.. Gotta run! Pop's looking for me, no doubt to extol the virtues of various types of moldy cheese over that of anything on mars for making a grilled cheese sandwich... I just can't listen to that speech one more time!

Sagitar end of day stats.

Adonis: Dreamdate, love, and woohoo... Brandi L.
Aldara: added scholarships -Bui engineering, Tsang footwork
Aleta : Grew up- Romance - woohoo 20 sims.
Admeta: Made friends with Anassa, close to freinds with Christy S.
Athena : Gained several body points. Fit as a fiddle, ready for promotion.
Acrisius: Ate 11 more grilled cheese sandwiches, for a total of 67. Gave a sandwich to Anassa S.


Family 1- Week2- Day 1- Virgo.

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here again....
Today I'm only giving an update for one day.. can you beleive it?
The other colonists said so much happened in that one day, they couldn't wait the rest of the week to send through the update...

I don't know how much could possibly happen... well, except that the kids got a little bit closer to datable material.. but anyway..
I don't have that much to say.

I'm more of a show and tell type of girl, anyway... so I guess I'll just show you my newest guy, and the downtown areas of Mars Colony that we've created.. although, come to think of it.. they look a lot the same as the places in Mars City.
Above, you see the Landing Site... The landing pad where that pilot was supposed to put down the ship. It has the satellite transmittors we use to send these CommBursts out to you right next door... although they are officially for use transmitting landing clearances.
Next door is the Storage and Docks Facility. That's where supplies are unloaded from the ships for distribution to colonists... although we've seen little enough of that.. We also use the place as a community meeting hall. We head down to see if any new fashions have arrived, stock up on foodstuffs, and even eat preprepared food there... we've created our own restraunt. It may look ratty.. but that place is hopping.
The green place is the Terraforming Seed Garden. An integral part of any Mars community, as that is the beginning of our Terraforming efforts. The garden produces Oxygen, seeds for distribution elsewhere on the planet, and has a nice supply of water piped to the surface.
That's all well and good... but we colonists have taken a bit of that water, and hooked up a hot tub there... Thats a nice place for a date too. :)

Speaking of Dates... Here's Kennedy Cox leaving me a bouquet of Roses... I don't know where these guys get them... Maybe the gardens in Mars City.

Later he brought me a Soma AudioGeek Tower Radio.

I Liked that better than the roses.

I've got to go now...

I'm trying to get ahold of that Brandon guy... His skirt's growing on me.
Dag Dag!

Virgo Home stats at end of first day, week 2.
1 resident, level 6 career in LTW track. Lot Value: 14,102 Cash 10,676 Ready for promotion

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Monday, March 20, 2006


Family 4, week 1- Gemini

"Yo! I'm Apollo Gemini! .. Here.. on the couch.
My twin brother playing with the fridge is Aries.
We have another brother, Ambrose... Yeah, just one. With our race, single births are kind of rare, so I'm really not sure where he came from... but he's a pretty good kid, nonetheless.
Our mother Queen Anezka was killed in the crash, so it's just us on our own.

We miss her... but without her here.. Hey! Party Central! Aries fell for that Sagitar girl, I've fallen for Ivy Copur, and Meadow Thayer, and Katy Long, and there's lots more gals out there I feel deserve some Apollo Time!
Even Ivy Copur Senior got into the action, when she and Benjamin Long were making out behind the building while me and young Ivy were making out in front!
Mars just has some kind of magic love light thing going on...
I think little Ambrose already even has his eye on that Andromeda girl.
Let me let Aries say a few words now.. I see a chick I need to make... "

"Um.. OK.. Thanks Apollo..
Hi! I'm Aries.
Apollo thinks I'm weird for only going out with the one girl... but if you find someone special, why look further? She and I can have lots of fun times together, no need to range afield.

I was afraid I'd lost her for a bit. One night, we were on a date, and she suddenly cringed away.
She said she'd seen my mother in me.
I'm not really sure what that means, but it must have been pretty bad, 'cause she dropped her drink and ran.

The next day, she came over and told me she loved me. She told me she wanted to date in the daytime, tho... she'd prefer not being over after dark.
I told her no problem. I loved her too, and I asked her to go steady with me.

It was a great day.

We've had several dream dates since then... What a girl.

A few nights later, it was time to throw little Ambrose's birthday party.
-Here's some pictures..

I couldn't invite Aldara, since the party was after dark... I really wish we didn't have that limitation.
We had several other visitors though, including Aldara's mother... Now that's pressure... Getting watched by your steady girls mom... I guess the bright side of Aldara not being there, she wasn't watching us kiss!

Oops.. I guess I should show you a picture of our pad...
It's not finished yet. Apollo and I planned it out as two complete houses.. one for each of us.. but with no more cash than we had, and no more building material, we ended up just having a sleeping area and a recreational area for now, with the eating area out of doors.

I guess now that Ambrose is grown up, maybe we should get us a job... or maybe start us up a business of our own... I wonder what kind of business we can start up for 300 simoleons?
Money just doesn't go as far as you'd think.. does it?
Apollo and I would like to go to college, and get Ambrose there too.. We might can get some scholarships... we're going to have to try. I wonder if they have funds set up for orphans?"

"Yo! Aries!!
You worry too much bro!! Let the folks leave now... I've got some romancing to do!!"

"O.K.. Bye all!"

Gemini home stats at the end of the week.

Lot Value § 14,119 - cash on hand, § 390

Apollo: Teen Romance- Loves Ivy Copur, Crush with Meadow and Katy, Friends with Aldara. No Job. Not enough skills for a skill scolarship. Straight A's -LTW Hall of Famer

Aries: Teen Pleasure- has had several dreamdates with Aldara. No Job. Needs 1 point for a Will Wright Genious grant. Straight A's -LTW Celebrity Chef

Ambrose: Young Teen Family- friends with Andromeda and Aleta, Also Teen Sophie Miguel. - No LTW yet.

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