Saturday, April 15, 2006


Family 4- Week2- Days 2-7- Gemini

Hi! This is Ambrose Gemini!

I guess I'll be giving the updates for a while, because my brothers are outta here.

Anyway, Tuesday my brothers and I had a little discussion... We were too short on funds even to buy groceries. Aries got a job at some fast food joint to get us some spending money, and Apollo groused, but wouldn't let him do the work alone, and got himself a job in the Martian Armed Forces.
They didn't want me to get a job yet, since I had a lot of studying to do... But I fooled them. While they were off to work on their first day at their new jobs, I had a ticket machine installed. ( I had to hock a couple gifts Apollo had gotten to afford it, tho.. ) By the time they got home from work, I'd already made more than their take-home pay.
Apollo griped that it would destroy his social life, but I pointed out to him that he's such a 'stone-cold fox' that his girls wouldn't mind paying money to spend time with him... He had to agree about that.

Anyway, the rest of the week, we partied, and the other two went to work. They didn't really want to admit I'd found an easier way for us to prepare for college and our futures than their minimum wage jobs.

By the end of the week, they'd gotten as far as they could in their jobs, and announced they were off to college.

They sent me a picture of them at their dorm mailbox. They're looking good.. but Apollo sure seems to be dressing oddly for him... Maybe girls in the dorms prefer a less... Stone-cold fox... appearance?

The school bus is here!! and there's a customer on his way to complain... I didn't pick up the gelatin dish the second he was through eating, I bet...
I've gotta scram before he makes me miss the bus!

Gemini end of week 2 Stats:
Ambrose: Teen-Family, 6BF + 1 F, 4 scholarships.
Apollo: YA-Romance-Outta here. §5,000 in Scholarships.
Aries: YA-Pleasure-Outta here. §5,000 in Scholarships.
Lot Value: 32,691 Cash on hand:§1,499
(Home Business=3 *'s =§15,000 value)

Smart kid! Ticket machine at the house!
Good plan with the ticket machine. It is a great way to get a business started.
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