Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week3- Family 5- Hogan

Hello, Andrea Hogan here again.
Boy do I have some news...

Well, First off, my precious littel girl Jodie grew up into a beautiful child.

I was waiting, to give Joe some space, and time with me and Jodie B., before reminding him we were engaged, and seeing if he still wanted to marry me, when what happened?

That's right.. I got pregnant again.. and, Surprise... it was TWINS.
I named them Joe B. and Andrew.
I really hope my 3 favorite Martians don't frighten Joe off... I really *do* want to marry him. He seems to love the kids, but just hasn't decided yet.

I got a promotion, and reached the summit of the.. erm... Less than legal career track... But what kind of career is that when you're raising a family? I bought my way into a career in athletics instead. We'll let the kids think that is where their mom got the money to start a home business, and raise them.

I hope I can start earning some REAL money soon... Otherwise I may just buy into a new shop where the shopkeeper owes some simoleons to the Martian Mafia... Hey.. I still got connections, after all.
Shh! Here comes Jodie... I've got to run now!

Hogan Family Stats end of week.
5 sims
Lot value: §74,746 Cash: §28,081
Andrea: Adult,F,Fort-earn100,000; 50,792 of 100,000 earned, 3 BF 1 F
Jodie B.: Child,F,n/a; 4BF, 4 F, Lots of Skills
Twins-Non Cheesecake
Andrew B.: Toddler,M,n/a; 2 F
Joe B.: Toddler,M,n/a; 0 F
Joe Carr: Adult,M,Fort-beHallOfFamer; Superstar (7th) Promotable. 10 BF 1 F

Awww...I love sim twins. I need to stop my addiction to cheesecake though or else my population will continue to explode. Congrats on your non-cheesecake twins--they're rare!
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