Friday, March 31, 2006


Family 3- Week2- Day 1- Scorpio.

Hello! This is Anassa Scorpio again.
I have lots to tell you today.

First of all, my grandchildren grew up. They grew up every bit as handsomely as I expected..
I wishe their mother was still around to see them..
er.. well, she kind of is.. but I'll get to that later.

Andromeda .. well, I'm not too sure about her.. I always knew she was into fun, like me... but after only one date, she's already told me she wants to do it again, and again.. with at least 49 other boys!

Ajax is such a sweet boy, now a sweet young man!
He wants to have a family of his own someday... someday SOON! He told me he wants at least 6 children, and that they had all better marry while he's still alive, so he can see that they're all happy before he has to leave them. I think the loss of his Mom did have an affect on the poor boy.

Here's an image of him with his first girl... I'm not so sure he's picking wisely... I don't think she's the serious girl type.
You would have thought he'd have picked up on that, when he first tried to flirt, and she turned him down flat! But he's young, and determined... He kept after that Aleta girl, and soon enough had her giving him a kiss. I just hope she doesn't break his heart, poor boy.

And as for hearts...
Andromeda swears she almost had a heart attack earlier... She says her mother has jumped out at her twice, just today!

Well, I wouldn't beleive it of her, trying to scare her own daugther.. but I saw her too one day... and things are often cleaner when I wake up than when I went to sleep... I know the kids aren't doing it.

My life...

Well, I don't really know what to say about my life.
Acrisius Sagitar is such a nice, sweet, handsome man.. but so strange.
We have a lot of fun together... Then he starts talking about grilled cheese...
When we were considering having a Woohoo, he even asked if we could do it in a grilled cheese sandwich, instead of the bed!
We had a fight earlier.. I was soo sick of him talking about his sandwiches... We made up later, I suddenly just felt life was too short to be fighting all the time. Later, I found a sandwich under my pillow. Not what you want to wake up with in bed with you.
I've got to decide what I'm going to do about our relationship. I just can't go on like this.

Well, on another, more cheerful note, let me let my Nanny take over for a bit.. She's got a story of her own.

Hi! Madame Anassa said she already told you about me..
I needed a place to live temporarily, she needed a Nanny, so here I am!

In the images to the left, you see me and my hunky man Joe.
He calls me his treasure.. he's mine.

We went out to the Terraforming garden this evening... It was so nice and one of the moons was up. I'm not sure if it was Deimos or Phobos, but it shone like platinum.

I told him I had some news for him... I wasn't sure if he'd think it was bad or good. To my surprise, he was overjoyed! We're going to have a little one, you see... a little Martian to call our own.
After we left the park, he took me to his new apartment, and he finally proposed!!
He said he was waiting until the moment was right, and with the new apartment, and the little one on the way, he didn't think it could get righter.
I told him I won't marry him until after our baby is born though... I want to be sure he doesn't feel he's being forced into this.
He took my hands, and promised me that he didn't feel forced, and that he'd deliver the world to us... or at least more than our fair share. He feels that Fame will pave our way with gold, and that he has it in him to be a star athelete.
I told him, I plan to give him and the little one the world too... I won't stop until I earn 100,000 Simoleons!
Yeah. before it's through, we'll buy the world.

I left him with a farewell kiss, returned to Madame Scorpios home, and told her my story.
Even though it's the wee hours of the morning, I'm moving out.

With her grandchildren grown so big, she doesn't need a Nanny anymore... and I've received special dispensation to move out earlier than expected.
Joe, here I come!

Scorpio Stats end of week 2 day 1.

Anassa: Undecided of her future with Acrisius.
Ajax : In love with Aleta... Unfortunately a Romance sim.
Andromeda: Survived two birthday encounters with her mother. Wants 50 1st dates.

Andrea.... Outta here. Will be household 5 - Hogan family- starting tuesday morning.

Joe Carr a daddy?? Hehehhe he makes pretty kids! LOL Found grilled cheese under the pillow! If that isn't true love I don't know what is!!!
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