Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week 3 - Family 1 - Virgo

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here.

It's been an interesting week.

When we left off, I'd just had a new baby, and was worrying about enlarging my house.

Well, the baby grew up into a toddler... Much easier to take care of... leave her in a bedroom full of toys while I date... But then all of the sudden I find out I'm expecting again!!!
Well, I'll continue dating somehow... I hope I don't gain weight this time...
I told Abhijeet I was expecting, and thought it might be his... he gave me a florid font.
What good will that be raising a kid?? Well.. I sold it for building money anyway.
Amin gave me a pinball machine and a DJ booth. I guess I was having a little emotional overflow from the whole pregnancy thing... I proposed to him then and there!
What was I thinking?? A sim like ME shouldn't get married...

After little Beryl was born, and Briseis grew into a child I finally started on my remodeling.

Good thing I finally have my income from being a professional Party Guest to pay for it!

Even so, I had to save some of the planned remodel for later. Can you beleive I couldn't afford WINDOWS for my bedroom? It makes it so drab and dreary in here... I'll add them soon.

Well, Beryl is a toddler now, now I just have to watch out for Bri... she's almost caught me with the guys several times... And I think she's a bit young for that still.

Virgo Stats- End of week.
3 sims
Lot Value = §30,226 Cash on hand = §5,034
Aphrodite: Adult, F; LTW acheived!! Prof Party Guest. 13 Loves, 5 Crushes, 8 days to elder.
Briseis: Child, F; 4 friends, 7 days to teen (fam)
Beryl: Toddler,F; 4 days to Child (pop)

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Hehe, well at least she's responsible enough to know her child shouldn't catch her with men. That's about all you can hope for with those kind of sims. Great update!
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