Monday, March 20, 2006


Family 4, week 1- Gemini

"Yo! I'm Apollo Gemini! .. Here.. on the couch.
My twin brother playing with the fridge is Aries.
We have another brother, Ambrose... Yeah, just one. With our race, single births are kind of rare, so I'm really not sure where he came from... but he's a pretty good kid, nonetheless.
Our mother Queen Anezka was killed in the crash, so it's just us on our own.

We miss her... but without her here.. Hey! Party Central! Aries fell for that Sagitar girl, I've fallen for Ivy Copur, and Meadow Thayer, and Katy Long, and there's lots more gals out there I feel deserve some Apollo Time!
Even Ivy Copur Senior got into the action, when she and Benjamin Long were making out behind the building while me and young Ivy were making out in front!
Mars just has some kind of magic love light thing going on...
I think little Ambrose already even has his eye on that Andromeda girl.
Let me let Aries say a few words now.. I see a chick I need to make... "

"Um.. OK.. Thanks Apollo..
Hi! I'm Aries.
Apollo thinks I'm weird for only going out with the one girl... but if you find someone special, why look further? She and I can have lots of fun times together, no need to range afield.

I was afraid I'd lost her for a bit. One night, we were on a date, and she suddenly cringed away.
She said she'd seen my mother in me.
I'm not really sure what that means, but it must have been pretty bad, 'cause she dropped her drink and ran.

The next day, she came over and told me she loved me. She told me she wanted to date in the daytime, tho... she'd prefer not being over after dark.
I told her no problem. I loved her too, and I asked her to go steady with me.

It was a great day.

We've had several dream dates since then... What a girl.

A few nights later, it was time to throw little Ambrose's birthday party.
-Here's some pictures..

I couldn't invite Aldara, since the party was after dark... I really wish we didn't have that limitation.
We had several other visitors though, including Aldara's mother... Now that's pressure... Getting watched by your steady girls mom... I guess the bright side of Aldara not being there, she wasn't watching us kiss!

Oops.. I guess I should show you a picture of our pad...
It's not finished yet. Apollo and I planned it out as two complete houses.. one for each of us.. but with no more cash than we had, and no more building material, we ended up just having a sleeping area and a recreational area for now, with the eating area out of doors.

I guess now that Ambrose is grown up, maybe we should get us a job... or maybe start us up a business of our own... I wonder what kind of business we can start up for 300 simoleons?
Money just doesn't go as far as you'd think.. does it?
Apollo and I would like to go to college, and get Ambrose there too.. We might can get some scholarships... we're going to have to try. I wonder if they have funds set up for orphans?"

"Yo! Aries!!
You worry too much bro!! Let the folks leave now... I've got some romancing to do!!"

"O.K.. Bye all!"

Gemini home stats at the end of the week.

Lot Value § 14,119 - cash on hand, § 390

Apollo: Teen Romance- Loves Ivy Copur, Crush with Meadow and Katy, Friends with Aldara. No Job. Not enough skills for a skill scolarship. Straight A's -LTW Hall of Famer

Aries: Teen Pleasure- has had several dreamdates with Aldara. No Job. Needs 1 point for a Will Wright Genious grant. Straight A's -LTW Celebrity Chef

Ambrose: Young Teen Family- friends with Andromeda and Aleta, Also Teen Sophie Miguel. - No LTW yet.

Hehe, sounds like those boys are having a lot of fun! Apollo is hilarious! Can't wait to read more.
One interesting thing, I mentioned, but didn't stress...

Ivy Copur Sr. and Benjamin Long were left to themselves, while both my teens dated their girls, and the kid slept...
They fell into crush completely on their own.
I don't know about you, but I haven't seen townies given no incentive to flirt fall for each other since sims 1!
in sims 2, with the exception of university professors anyway, sims don't seem to do romantic interactions unless you've had them do one before... For instance, even a 'flirt-check sim out' seems to enable autonomous flirting.. but ben long and ivy... I have no idea what enabled them. :)
That is interesting about Ivy and Ben. I didn't know that townies could do such a thing. Veeeery interesting.
yeah, It makes me wish I could move them onto their own lot, and let them do their own thing!! LOL
Instead, I'll just have to try not to tap them for any of my controllable sims, except as friends... I'll have to have them get invited over and left alone on occaision so they can keep doing their own thing tho. :)
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