Saturday, April 15, 2006


Family 2- Week2- Days 2-7- Sagitar

Acrisius Sagitar speaking... My kids were all busy and asked me to speak to you.
I told them only if they promised to finish their grilled cheese sandwiches today, instead of leaving the crust for me... Growing kids have to have their grilled cheese...
Um.. quite right.
They also asked me to keep the cheesiness to a minimum.. (yum.. cheesey..)

Anyway.. not a lot happened this week of importance..
Aldara went to college with a §4,750 scholarship... I told her all she needed to know how to do was make grilled cheese... she seems to think there's more to life than sandwiches... more.. Impossible!

um.. yeah.
Adonis fell in love with Kay and Tamara someone or another, and they had some fun.
Admeta is Best freinds with Ivy Copur and Anassa...
Aleta found a new love in Sophie M.
Athena swears all she can do around us is work, and despairs of finding any men.

OK.. that's pretty much it, except that I have eaten more grilled cheese sandwiches... I've been experimenting with different cheeses, trying to find the ones whos molds give the sandwich the best flavor... let me tell you about it... it will only take about two hours or so if I keep it short...
Hey!! Where are you going!
Come back here! let me tell you about the cheese!....

Sagitar family stats- End of week 2.
Acrisius: Elder. GC. 116 Grilled cheese sandwiches down.
Adonis: Adult. ROM. 5 loves/woohoos.
Athena: Adult. ROM. Superstar, ready to promote.
Admeta: Adult. POP. 8 BF + 3 F. Flight officer, ready to promote.
Aldara : YA. §§§. Off to college with §4,750.
Aleta: teen. ROM. 2 loves, 1 crush.
Lot Value: §24,062 Cash: §11,071

Controllers note... Blogger wouldn't let me upload the photos for this one for some reason... they weren't too impressive... maybe I'll upload them later, maybe not. (update.. I uploaded 1.)

Lots of grilled cheese I see. LOL
Hehehehe two hours to talk about grilled cheese! Aint' that the truth! heheheh
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