Friday, March 31, 2006


Family 4- Week2- Day 1- Gemini.

Hi! This is Aries Gemini again!
My brother Apollo is too busy right now to talk... He says around School he has too little time with the ladies as it is... So, I thought I'd take a little time to spare him the inconvenience.

Actually, it's my pleasure to talk to you.
As you see from the picture to the left, we've had a busy day.

It started like all the rest, with yet another party, and Apollo making yet another conquest.
The only difference is that Ambrose got together with that Andromeda kid.
She kind of reminds me of me, except I don't think she's the cooking type. I hope he knows what he's in for.

When the party was winding down, Ambrose went to look up at the stars.

I know he didn't know what he was in for with that.
Suddenly this bright light came down from the skies, and picked him up... Thinking cap and all!

I tell you, this was not cool.
Apollo, Aldara, and I couldn't do anything but watch.

Aldara ran home, she said she'd already stayed too late as it was, and bad things tended to happen at our house after dark... but Apollo and I stood watch the rest of the night.
Ambrose was dumped back on the road first thing in the morning, just before the paperboy came... What a releif.

I don't know who it was in that ship... or why the Landing Site Radar didn't spot them, or sound an alert. I wonder if the Queen really knew what she was doing when she took us here?

All I know, is I think I need to get cleaned up before school... And maybe I should start thinking about learning a little more about this new world of ours... I have a call to make.

Gemini Stats, end of Week2, day 1.
Aries: Received 3,500 in scholarships on the phone.
Apollo: New love, Meadow. "cleaned up" on Dream Date.
Ambrose: Loves Andromeda Scorpio, Abducted just before 4am. (about 3:58)
Still very short on family funds.

Hehehehe so the colonists were clueless getting an abduction on Mars?
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