Saturday, April 15, 2006


Family 3- Week2- Days 2-7- Scorpio

Hello, Anassa Scorpio here again to give you this weeks update.

It's been wearing a lot on my mind lately what to do about Acrisius.

I found myself just sitting and thinking about him.. Unable to concentrate on anything else.
I've never felt about anyone else like I've felt about him... When I'm with him, I have fun.. Despite his singlemindedness on Sandwiches.

While I was doing some housework, I hit a bald wire on the TV... That was a shocking experience, and a reminder that life's too short.
Then I got a love note from Acrisius... He can somehow be so sweet... There was a faint cheesy odor the cologne sprayed on the letter couldn't hide, however.
I called Acrisius's family, and scheduled a time for a visit without his presence... I've made my decision. I'm going over to the Sagitar house to try out that little machine of Acrisius's. I'm taking a ring and a single rose Acrisius gave me to try to remember that I want to marry him.
We'll see what happens now.

Hi everyone.
Andromeda here.
Well, Grandma did it.
She went and fried herself into a grilled cheese fanatic like that guy of hers, and forgot that she needed to tell you the results.

She somehow rememberred after she came home and ate a plate of sandwiches to invite Acrisius over and asked him to marry her someday. He said yes.
Of course once she got past that, she doesn't seem to remember that they should be planning a wedding. They just eat more sandwiches.
Acrisius seemed to be very happy with her change, tho and brought her and us a gift.
A Karaoke machine full of songs about... cheese.

Meanwhile, I've had a fairly decent week.

I've had 10 first dates.
Most of them I wouldn't want to go out with again, but we had fun on our dates anyway!!

I made a few flower arrangements while I was at the Storage and Docks, waiting on some guy to show up... I figure I may need to know how to make a nice arrangement if some guy ever asks me out and we have a really good time.

My brother Ajax has been pretty boring lately... all he ever seems to do is study.. he says if he's going to be a good provider for his 6 or more kids someday, he's going to need a good education.

Well, That's about it... I gotta run now.. the school bus is almost here, and there's this cute guy in class I want to go out with..

Scorpio end of week 2 stats.
Anassa: Elder-GC, 63 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 6 BF + 7 F
Andromeda: Teen-Pleasure, 10 of 50 first dates. 4 BF + 7 F
Ajax : Teen-Family, 4 scholarships, almost five. 3 BF + 2 F.
Lot Value: §17,119 Cash on Hand: §1,117

AH! The grilled cheese is taking over! But how sweet of Anassa to give it all up for Acrisius. That is true love. Now if they could just remember that, LOL!
Awww I can empathize with Ajax. What a lovley want 6 kids. Hehehehe Who is the lucky woman gonna be to give birth to them all? OR do I hear ADOPTION coming up? LOL
I love what you're doing with the pictures
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