Saturday, April 15, 2006


Family 5- Week2- Days 1-7- Hogan: The new place.

Hello !
Welcome to my new home!
To the left, you'll see me, Andrea, and my Fiancee Joe Carr with our daughter.
Jodie Beth.

It seems no sooner had I moved in with Joe, she was born!
Although there actually were several days of me going to work like a pumpkin in there somewhere.

We've already had to enlarge our new home.
Luckily, we were able to get supplies from Mars City.
Joes bosses were no help. Other than the §20,000 we had to buy and renovate our home, he was paid a moving bonus in.. of all things.. CLOTHES.
Well, it's nice to have a wardrobe, anyway.. even if not all of it fits.

Joe was able to get several promotions afterwards... using that, and my pay from my job, we bought a few fun items, and started letting people pay us for time spent using them.

It's working out ok so far, although later I think I'll want to buy a lot for my business.

This one lady showed up, played a little bowling, and scribbled in a notebook... Joe was worried about what she might want, but then she went and played a while with Jodie, so she can't be all bad.
After a while, she just left.

Jodie likes her, and now for some reason tells me her bunny toy's name is egzovereazee.

Hogan House Stats end of week 2:
Andrea: Adult-Fortune, Counterfitter- short 1 creativity for promotion, 3 BF
Joe Carr: Adult-Fortune, Top of Business track- Studying for LTW career change. 6 BF + 5 F
Jodie B.: Toddler. 8pts Charisma, 4 friends.
Lot Value: §49,641 Cash: §10,947
(Home business: rank 4=value §20,000)

Controllers note: Joe brought in less than §3,000 when he moved in. I was advised to eliminate his move-in funds to put them more on a par with the other families... I spent about §5,000 on clothing, just to make sure I wasted enough.
Other than the starting §20k, they actually built this all up in a week.

Awww...I told you Joe makes pretty babies. Jodie is a cutie. I love Sim Babies!!!!
Oooo did the reporter give you a good review? That can really help out business :o)
No.. for some reason, she just left.
I've never had one actually give a review at all for a business that doesn't sell merchandise.
I keep hoping... every time a reporter shows up, the get at least 2 stars before they leave, but no review good or bad. :(
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