Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week3- Family 2- Sagitar

Heya! The one, The only, Adonis again!!

Let me tell you what's up with the Donster.

I spent a lot of time this week doing the whole Dating thing...
I got tired of finding the Lay-dies myself, and this here Gypsie Chick (she mighta been cute when she was about 200 years younger.. but now... Yikes..) shows up and says she can find me the right girl for me.
I didn't really beleive her, but I handed her a 20 and said 'Go for it'.
You know, some of them girls she gave me were really cute!!
Some were cows, but I guess if I can hand her 20 bucks and get a date with a girl it's worth it!
Athena decided to try it as well, and finally got to go on a date or few herself.
She hasn't done as well as me, but Who can? I mean, she's not me, so she's automatically doomed for failure... even though she does have the advantage of having my winning genes, and being a Hall-Of-Famer on top of that.
Anyway, while she was on a date the other night, that skirted guy, brenton, or something like that.. Caught her on a date.
That guys been kicking over our trash ever since.
But hey, at least he left us a Bust of Tylopedia!

Pops has still been eating his Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... He's saying he's almost up to some magic number, Aleta's been pretty much of a little dater herself, and Admeta's getting pretty high up in military life. She's gotten to be freinds with a lot of the people Athena and I invite over. She doesn't much care for the way we treat them, but promises not to talk unless it involves National Security.

... Well... Breaks over, Back to dating!
Oh! and Dating Materials a bit in short supply here... Why don't you send any babes over your way, over MY way? Otherwise... Some of the guys are starting to look cute.
But not the guy in the skirt.
That's just wrong!

Sagitar End of week Stats.
5 Sims.
Lot Value : §30,818 Cash: §25,033
Acrisius: Elder,M, GC-Eat 200; 194 Grilled Cheeses Eaten... Almost to Emmental Enlightenment.
Adonis: Adult,M,Rom-Woohoo20; loves/makeouts: 10 Woohoos: 9
Athena: Adult,F,Rom-AcheivedLTW; Loves: 5
Admeta: Adult,F,Pop-BeGeneral; Currently Astronaut. Ready to promote.
Aleta: Teen,F,Rom-Woohoo20; 4250 in Scholarships.

Yep, you can't limit romance or pleasure sims to one gender. It's so much easier just to let them experiment. ;-)
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