Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week3- Family 3- Scorpio

Hello! (Munch Munch)
Thish is Anassa Scorpio. (Munch Munch)

Pardon me talking with my mouth full.. but this shandwich is shoo good I can't stop eating... (Munch Munch)

Well, Andromeda has been dating like there'sh no tomorrow.. (Munch Munch) Boysh, girlsh, it doeshn't seem to matter to her... She says she wants to get through the mosht life she can before college, and reshponshibilitiesh.. (Munch Munch Munch)

Ajaxsh hash just been doing a lot of shtudying... (Munch Munch) I guesh thatsh good... maybe he'll learn to make a really good Martian Cheeshe.. (Munch Munch)

Well, I gotta go. The kidsh'll be leaving for college shoon, and I want to make them each a fresh plate of Cheeshe shandwichesh to take with them... After I'm through eating that is.. (Munch Munch Munch Munch)


Scorpio end of week Stats.
3 sims.
Lot Value : §19,384 Cash : §4,384
Anassa: Elder,F,GC-Eat200; 193 Grilled Cheese Eaten, Needs 6 friends for Top Influence.
Andromeda:Teen,F,Plsr-50 1stDates; Has had 24 First Dates. crushes 7, loves 1, 11 BF, 8F
Ajax: Teen,M,Fam-Have6kids; 4750 Scholarships, 7 BF, 1 love

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