Friday, March 31, 2006


Family 2- Week2- Day 1- Sagitar

Heya! This is the one, The only, Adonis here!!
And really, more of me would just be too much of a good thing!

We had a lot of goings on in our house this monday... I thought i'd grace you with my presence to tell the story.

Here you see an image of me and one of my laydies... Brandi!
Here I am, wearing my Wild Thing undies, trying to give her a little wine and dine... with grilled cheese sandwiches... That's all Pops will cook now! When who comes in wearing just his tightie whities?? You got it. The grilled cheese himself.

Well, We are talking about me here, so I still got me some action.

I taught Brandi the real meaning of flight!

Only the one gal today... I wanted to keep things a bit in moderation, cause after all.. The day was special for more than just my presence.

Pops old lady, My Laydie, and a few others were in attendance.

My niece was growing up!

She did grow into a pretty young thing!
I think she takes after Mom, like Me, and is going to be a real heartbreaker!

She confided in me later that she wants to Woohoo with 20 different Sims, just like me!

I'm so proud of her.. I taught her everything she knows...
That's not to say I taught her everything I know, however... The girl will have to learn some things on her own..

...shh!!.. Gotta run! Pop's looking for me, no doubt to extol the virtues of various types of moldy cheese over that of anything on mars for making a grilled cheese sandwich... I just can't listen to that speech one more time!

Sagitar end of day stats.

Adonis: Dreamdate, love, and woohoo... Brandi L.
Aldara: added scholarships -Bui engineering, Tsang footwork
Aleta : Grew up- Romance - woohoo 20 sims.
Admeta: Made friends with Anassa, close to freinds with Christy S.
Athena : Gained several body points. Fit as a fiddle, ready for promotion.
Acrisius: Ate 11 more grilled cheese sandwiches, for a total of 67. Gave a sandwich to Anassa S.

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