Saturday, April 15, 2006


Family 1- Week2- Days 2-7- Virgo.

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here yet again.... I've got some nice pictures and info for you today...

A lot happened.. I still can't quite beleive it as I sit here typing to you.

OK.. Well.. Let me start from the beginning.
The last I told you, everyone else had had a big day, and several Kids grew to teens.

So what.

Virgos Guys
The rest of this week went interestingly for me though.

First, I had a great time with several guys.
There was Ken Cox, Donte Love, Zeeshan Larrea, Thomas Straight, Brandon in the skirt, Abhijeet D.... Well, I had dream dates with all of them... One or two I have yet to talk into a woohoo... but not much longer.

Zeeshan, I had a particularly nice time with, so here's several pictures of him.

Virgo Babe
Someone left me a little surprise, proving that my pre-flight injection wasn't 100% effective..
looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I still looked good, but I wasn't sure what the guys would think, But Brandon said I was still one hot mamma..
hmm.. Mamma.. Me.
Well, even if she wasn't planned, or even originally wanted, I wouldn't give my new daughter Briseis up for the world.
I wonder if I should tell Zeeshan I think she's his?

The guys left me several gifts .. nice stuff that I didn't particularly need or have room for.
Two left busts of Tylowhatvia...
One left me a nice Stereo system..
and one gave me a Piano... Does it look like I have room for a piano?

I figured out something to do with the piano tho.
More on that later.

I really need to enlarge the house now for me and Bri.. If some building supplies will just come in. I've managed to make a very small house a very comfy home, but babies shouldn't grow up too cramped.

Aphrodite and Apollo
The fun didn't have to stop with motherhood..
While I was having a child, that adorable young Gemini guy grew up to young adult... That's old enough for me.
Me and him had a fun time at his place in college... Well, before he ruined himself.

I'll let him tell you about that in his update from college.

oooh!! Hunky guy alert!! Gotta go!

Virgo Stats, end of Week2
Aphrodite: 8 Loves/woohoos, 2 Crushes/Bfs - Freelance Web-designer, needs 1 friend and 1 Charisma point for promotion to LTW.
Briseis : Infant. (r)
Lot Value/Cash: Lot Value: 14,102 ? Cash: 19,455

Controllers note... While Aphrodite was pregnant, I tried out the new 'go to work while pregnant' feature with OFB... She went to work late that day, and was fired despite maternity leave and a good job performance meter... As I think this was a glitch, and she quicky re-received and surpassed her lost job level, I'm not counting the deduction this once. She's already penalized by no Maternity Leave.

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LOL! Hunky guy alert! So do we know for sure who the father is?
Yes, It's Zeeshan. :)
I tried with Kennedy, and with him...
It 'took' with him.
I think he's cuter than Kennedy anyway...
I love the go to work pregnant feature with OFB. I tried it as well as my Sim (in a different challenge) was due a promotion that day. And she got it! I am really glad Maxis fixed this.
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