Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week3- College -Greek House


Aldara Scorpio here.

The boys and I are finally through college!

Now I can start earning money for real... Sure, I have already started a business, and it's going pretty well, but no one ever really takes college students seriously... College grads however...

After graduation, the guys wanted to wait and party a while before going back to the colony... I went ahead and stayed with them. I wonder if I shouldn't have just gone back though? I love Aries, and all... but he never takes work seriously.. Hows he ever gonna be the rich sim I want to marry that way?

Anyway.. Party time's over. I told the guys I was ready to leave, and they followed me. That Stella girl is going to stay behind and finish her junior and senior years. I can't say I really approve of her and Apollos relationship, but at least she's doing that much right.

Taxi's here... Come over to Aldara's Florals and Furnishings when you can! I've got the best deals on all your floral and furnishing needs... and for you, I'll give you a discount.

Greek House -- was level 6, dropped to 5
4 Sims- dropping to 1

Lot Value : §14,020 Cash: §10,920
Aldara: F,Fort-beHallOfFamer; SS, Greek, Big Woman, Graduated CSL 4.0
Aries: M,Plsr-beCelebretyChef; SS, Greek, Big Sim, Graduated MCL 3.9 :(
Apollo: M,Fam-Grad3Kids; SS, Greek House, Big Sim, Graduated CSL 4.0
Stella: F,Know-??; SS, Greek House, Big Woman, Jr year, Semester 2, GPA 4.0

I loved how she was trying to sell us stuff at the end, like a little commercial. Very good updates. Looking forward to more!
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