Monday, March 20, 2006


Family 3, week 1- Scorpio

Hello! I'm Anassa Scorpio!

You see me and my two Grandchildren here in front of our house. The boy is Ajax, and the girl is Andromeda.

Their mother Amymone was killed in the crash, and now I'm trying to raise them on my own.

That's not to say I haven't had a little help. Or a little fun.

At first, I had too much help.

Everybody and their brother insisted on coming over and paying their condolences... and then wouldn't leave.
My grandaughter even forgot her grief long enough to scream that she couldn't hear the T.V.!

At least with all those people around, I got to spend some time with Acrisius Sagitar. He's pretty good looking and sweet.

He's gotten odd, though, since I met him on board the ship... He just kept talking about Grilled Cheese sandwiches!! ...Well.. even so, he was more fun to be around than when he was making eyes at every lady he'd see. Now, he just looks at the sandwiches, and me.

One night, I was relaxing in the hot tub with some friends when I heard my Granddaughter scream. She said she'd seen her mother. I was about to tell her that was impossible, when I saw her too!!

Amymone is watching out for her children, and for me, even after death... Cleaning toilets, and throwing away trash.

I wish she could just rest in peace... maybe she's just waiting for her children to grow up.

I was doing some recreational.. um... surveying... the other day, and you'll never beleive what I saw!

That Virgo girl was doing... well.. a lot she shouldn't have done.
You would think if she was going to have windows, she'd also add drapes!
And then she saw me peeking, and came and pushed me around!
It's not MY fault she cant keep things coverred!
If she tries puching me around again, I'll show her what for...

I hired a new nanny thursday.. That other woman was doing nothing but eating my food, and sitting around, screaming at anyone who went to the bathroom! The kids were nervous wrecks... Meanwhile she took home most of my take home pay! And I don't think I can expect any more promotions at my age...

I was complaining to my friend Andrea about this, and Andrea told me she needed a place to stay for a little while, and would watch the kids for free in exchange for room and board.

I hired her on the spot!
She introduced me to her Fiancee to be.. Joe.
(she told me he plans to propose to her at a romantic moment when she least expects it... I hope she's right, and he's not just two-timing her!)
Andrea made the children some new toys. It made them so happy! a toy firetruck for Ajax, a jack in the box for Aphrodite, and a spinner and kite for them both!
They couldn't get the kite to fly.. I wonder if it's because of the differing gravity here on Mars?

Well, I must leave now. The paperboy is going by, and I've got so much to do!

Scorpio home stats at end of week.

Lot value/funds (?)

Anassa: Elder Pleasure- LTW unattainable- Top of career track- Several Dream Dates with Acrisius. Friends with both grandkids, new nanny Andrea, and Abhijeet.

Ajax: Child- Best friends with sister, friends with grandma, Friends with Aleta.

Andromeda: Child- Best Friends with brother, friends with grandma, Friends with Ambrose.

Andrea Hogan: (T) Fortune - LTW (? I forgot to look)- loves Joe Carr (T) wants to marry him. Job (?)

Hmmm...will she and Acrisius end up together or will his love of grilled cheese win over his love for her?
Oh, I hope Acrisius gets over his grilled cheese just enough so that he can make Anassa happy.
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