Monday, March 20, 2006


Family 2, week 1- Sagitar.

Hi! I'm Admeta Sagitar... In the red sweater..

The two girls to my right are Aleta and Aldara. They're my daugthers.
The guy in the black and white shirt is my brother Adonis. My sister Athena is to my left in the zebra patterned skirt.
You'll see our dad behind me, Acrisius.
Behind HIM is our new home.

Here's the inside of our house.
Notice what's missing?
Well, in the crash when we landed here on Mars, something had to give.. we lost too much building material, and it'll be awhile before we get enough to complete our prefab house... We decided to leave the bedrooms for last, and just sleep under the stars for now.

It's a nice view... We can even see the Earth above us... But even with the hardships, it's nice to be away.

My brother Adonis is such a flirt.
Here, you see him visiting that Aphrodite girl who arrived with us.
She insisted on an equal share of money and building materials as the rest of the families, even though there's only one of her.. can you beleive it?
She was able to fit her bed inside her house... and she has windows...
Well, Adonis has spent at least one night there with her, so at least more than just her has enjoyed her excess.

We've had a bit of adventure in our lives...
Dad... Well, I'm not sure what he was thinking of..
He found this odd bit of equipment, and after looking over the runes on the sides, declared it was a machine that would make him a better lover. He stuck his head inside, and blammo...
He was alright... but now the only thing he really loves is grilled cheese sandwiches.

At least he's no longer pining over his inability to get paid for going to parties.

Another advantage, is he now insists on cooking every meal, giving me more time to meet new people.. and I want to meet and befriend a lot of them... it was hard, leaving all my friends behind on Earth... but my ex-husband was so jealous, I hadn't seen most of them since we were married anyway... I had to leave Earth to get away from him.

A disadvantage to Dad's Grilled cheese addiction... well... he's been making them less than a week now, and I'd already die for a plate of spaghetti.

Dad took a job as a waterboy, and when he could be bothered to go to work around his time cooking and eating grilled cheese has succeeded in getting promotions. One day, he came home and told us he'd spotted a player planting prohibited material in another players locker. Since it wasn't a grilled cheese sandwich, he really wasn't worried about it, and kept his mouth shut. He wonders why the guy who's locker that was got canned though. It wasn't grilled cheese, so who cares?
(sigh) That's my dad...

Sagitar home stats at end of first week.

Adonis: Romance-LTW 20 loves-No Job, 2 loves, 2 woohoos, 1 non-family BF... .

Acrisius: Grilled Cheese- Elder- Top of Athletic- 56 Grilled cheese eaten in his home - 61 days old, He likes Anassa Scorpio... but would he rather have another sandwich, or visit her?? difficult choice.

Admeta: Popularity-LTW Be a General-Job, Jr Officer (level 4)- 3 family best friends, 3 friends only. - Not ready to promote.

Athena: Romance- No loves- LTW Hall of Famer- job Starter (level 4) - Not ready to promote.

Aldara: Teen Fortune-LTW Hall of Famer- Top of teen Athletics- currently qualifies for 2 scholarships, Scholars grant, and Bui Engineering award. Likes the Gemini twins.

Aleta: Child - 2 Family best friends- Straight A student. Nearing birthday.

An elder grilled cheese, huh? I haven't tried grilled cheese yet, but 200 sandwiches seems like a lot! Are you going for that IW?
hahaha! i especially love the part about the chance card and grilled cheese! all your other posts are awesome too.
I've never had a grilled cheese sim before, either... at 56 sandwiches in less than 7 days... plus at least 1 he's eaten at the scorpio house, i don't think I'm doing too bad.. who knows.. maybe he'll make it?

Plus he's in aspiration heaven! he hasn't left platinum since going grilled cheese.
Good luck with the grilled cheese elder. I hope you can hit his LTW.
Hehe great the GS Simmies....I will have to try that.
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