Friday, March 10, 2006


The Mission begins.

Mars was to be colonized.
Colonization had become safer, and easier, due to the development of injections which allowed the body to adapt to any environment, so Mars could finally be colonized without constant use of heavy space suits.
Pilot Amymone Scorpio gathered together her mother, her two children, and three other families who were ready to put the Earth behind them.
The Earth had become overpopulated, you see... Laws were being passed regulating what should be a natural right.. That to woohoo as you please. Romance Sims could not put up with that. Pleasure sims were none too happy either. It can be so hard to enjoy a fun date, meanwhile knowing you would be denied woohoo.

The colonists had a party just before leaving Earth behind them. They took a photo in front of an old exploratory picture of their new home.

The mission begins

Here you see the families, from back Left to right, and front left to right.

The Virgos:
-Aphrodite Virgo.

The Gemini's:
-Queen Anezka Gemini
-Apollo Genini
-Aries Gemini
-Ambrose Gemini

The Sagitars:
-Acrisius Sagitar
-Adonis Sagitar
-Athena Sagitar
-Admeta Sagitar
-Aldara Sagitar
-Aleta Sagitar

The Scorpios
-Amymone Scorpio
-Anassa Scorpio
-Ajax Scorpio
-Andromeda Scorpio

Family Bios
Aphrodite Virgo. A lover of Romance. A wanter of Parties. Aphrodite's family wouldn't come with her, so she had to leave on her own. C'est la Vie!

Queen Anezka Gemini also had a thing for Romance... she took her twins and youngest sons with her. They'd left their own home planet for Earth, only to find within a few generations, that Earth was no longer the home they'd sought.
Aries Gemini loved things that were fun. He gladly left earth with his mother. He felt that someday, he'd like to be a celebrety Chef. His twin Apollo loved the ladies, the only thing he felt he'd miss from earth was sports. He planned to bring them to Mars with him, and become a hall of famer. Little Ambrose wasn't sure what was going on.. but he already knew someday he'd want a family of his own... he hoped he'd have a chance for that here on Mars.

The Sagitars:
Acrisius Sagitar had had enough of Earth. Romance was a big thing with his family. he, Adonis, and Athena all had romance on their minds. Seemingly even little Aleta was growing up romantically inclined. Acrisius knew he'd never reach his goal of being a professional party guest.. he just got tired too easily nowadays.. but perhaps his children and grandchildren could have a better life. Adonis in particular needed to leave Earth... he couldn't find 20 sims willing to violate laws to woohoo with him there... Athena planned to join Apollo in restarting sports, and getting in the hall of fame. Admeta wasn't worried who she did as much as who she knew. she hated leaving Earth, but couldn't see staying behind, since her young daughter Aleta seemed like she was growing up romantically inclined as well.. Her older daughter tho, so far only seemed interested in her allowance.

The Scorpios:
Amymone brought her mother and twin children with her. Her mother Anassa loved the little pleasures of life, and wanted to see something new. she'd never reached her lifetime wants on Earth... her Partying days were just not to be.. She hoped her grandchildren, Ajax and Andromeda, would reach whatever goals they set themselves, here on this new planet. Ajax already had told her he wanted a big family, and Andromeda like her grandmother loved trying new things.

The Story:
The flight went well.
The trip was so fast, no one really had time to visit with each other... But they'd have plenty of time to get to know one another on the planet! The next nearest settlement would be a good hike away.
As they arrived, and began to land, however, something went horribly wrong....
The only person who could know what, was the pilot Amymone. Unfortunatly, she could not tell them what caused the crash, as she and the alien Queen did not survive.

The Crash

The families buried their lost ones, and mourned, then took possesion of their assigned parcels of land.... it's time to carry on.

Unfortunately, most of their supplies were lost with the ship. Each family has only §20,000 to start their new lives. It will be a tough time for all.

4 Familys
13 Sims
§80,000 Simoleons

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