Friday, March 17, 2006


Family 1, week 1- Virgo.

Hi! I'm Aphrodite Virgo!

This is my home.
I'm luckier than most of us... Most of my prefab home and furnishings survived the crash... The other families may have to make do with much less for a while..
I almost feel guilty about that.
But, nah... I am just so happy to have a place I can call home, and can bring visitors too in order too.. well, you know.. be very friendly!
That's my carpool. I got this job as a golf caddy.. Not the greatest.. But I don't plan to stay there long.

Here's the inside of my house.
Not a lot of room, or much here, but I have what I need.
I do want a hot tub, however. Maybe later.

I've met a lot of interesting and friendly people since arriving on Mars... although I'm not too sure about all of them... Dude.. Why are you laughing at me? you're wearing the skirt!

This fellow I met on board ship. His name's Adonis... Isn't he dreamy?

He thinks I'm dreamy too.

So does Sandy Bruty.

I love it here on Mars! I've already discoverred four true loves here... and had the pleaseure to woohoo with them. Sure couldn't do that where I was from!!

Ah.. Sandy, Adonis, Komei, Brandi... I love you all.. And Brandi, I really appreciate the Karaoke machine!

But.. You know, that Ivy girl is kind of cute too... and even the guy with the skirt.

Its not been all fun here since my arrival.. In the last 7 days, I've showed my bosses what I'm made of! I've received repeated promotions, became a party DJ... almost forgot to bring my records with me... grabbed my HITS collection at the last minute and ROCKED THE HOUSE! That very night I was promoted to projectionist. Life just keeps getting better and better! Hmm.. well, I guess life has been all fun here since my arrival... lol... I can't wait until I can just get paid for going to parties... Hey, I've heard it can happen! and if it can, it will for me!

Ooops... It's Monday morning, and I see the paperboy bringing the Martian Chronicles... I've got to go. I'll write more for you next week! Dag dag!!

....I wonder how the other colonists are doing?

Virgo Home stats at end of first week.

1 resident, level 6 career in LTW track. has earned 5k... although her total value is currently only 20,501. 5 friends, 4 lovers. Ready for promotion.

Oh i love that picture of the 'threesome'. great picture editing - as always! i've been thinking about taking a class in photoshop...we'll see.
I loved the update. This idea of yours is great--colonizing Mars. Good thing there seems to be a lot of Earthlings to keep all your romance sims happy! By the way, your photo editing is great--the picture of the three in bed looked like it was really a game shot!
Hehehe loved the clothes. LOLOL Looks like a real sweet honey!
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