Saturday, April 15, 2006


College-Week2- The first Fish.

Welcome to Mars University!!
Good old Mars U.

Maybe eventually we'll have our own college in Mars Colony, but its nice getting to Mars City, and to their University for now.

If you look straight North from the Landing Site, and past the Gym, you'll see our dorm.

This is where we first went when we moved to campus. It's a nice enough place.. but kind of small.

Hi, I'm Aries Gemini again, by the way.

Aldara had already moved to college, but had barely settled in when my brother and I joined her.
We could have gotten our own place, between the two of us we had §10,000 in scholarships... but I wanted to be with Aldara, and Apollo wanted to be where he could meet more ladies.

I'm still pretty happy with just the one.
We have lots of fun together.. sure, sometimes I wish I could go on first dates with other ladies.. but then I remember how nice it is to have someone I just get along with, and can have fun times with.

I sealed that deal the other day.
I told Aldara I'd waited long enough, and asked her is she wanted to get married after college.
She said she'd love too.
I wish we could get married now.

Aldara and I pooled our extra Scholarship money, and she bought a little store in town.
We go there on the weekends, and run the place.
Apollo comes along and chats with the ladies, and checks them out... in more ways than one.
I make flower arrangements, and Aldara gets people to buy things... Whether thay want to or not.
She's good at that.

Aldaras Furnishings and Flowers was running swimmingly in no time.

Not long afterward, I think the college may have been feeling a little pressure from the Gemini race regarding the death on Mars of the Alien Queen, and leaving her kids to make do on their own, because the college made this really sweet place available to us to rent.
Indoor swimming pool with High Dive, 4 bedrooms, glass floors in the main room upstairs, and the third floor.

They gave us a pretty good deal on it.
Come to find out, it was because the place was completely unfurnished... But that's OK.

We rented the place, and chartered it as a greek house. Faculty and students who want to be on our good side occaisionally give us free gifts... things like pizza, furnishings, a bar-b-que pit.. etc. And of course Apollos ladies sometimes give us gifts... Like that expensive telescope... and Aphrodite gave us a piano. I wonder where she got that?

Speaking of Apollos ladies... Here are a few of them.

I lost count of how many he's been with.. I'll have to get back with you on that.

I really began to wonder if he'd ever settle down.

One odd thing happened to me.. I also found out it happened to the rest of us too.
I really can't talk more about that.

and speaking of me not talking...
I want to let Apollo give you the rest of the low-down.

Yo!! Apollo Gemini here!!
Whoah.. so much has happened since I last spoke to you.. so many sweet chicks I've gotten to spend some time with...
Apollos Change
But the biggest change... I think may be in me.
See that girl over to the left?
That's Stella. She's a Polinator alien, she says... she seems kind of like my people, except for the round ears, normal single births, and the black eyes.
... those black eyes... I've never seen anything like them. I felt like I was swallowed up in them. and I didn't want to be anywhere else.
I tried dating another couple of girls after her, but it just wasn't the same.
I was hooked. Hooked on a chick. At the end of my Sophmore year, I asked her to move in with us... a couple of days later, I asked her to be my intended.
I don't know which is more amazing, that I asked, or that she said yes.... but I'm so happy she said yes. She's a freshman, and has already told me learning is very important... So she won't even consider leaving college early. I'll have to wait for her a while, until she graduates. No problem. There's no other girl for me anymore.
Stella's calling... I gotta go.

The best use for a cow mascott.

The guys haven't done a lick of their own schoolwork. Why bother when there's evil cows to do it for you?

College Greek House stats, end of week 2.

Aldara Sagitar: YA-Fortune, 4.0, greek house, SS, has a business. (level not noted)
Aries Gemini: YA-Pleasure, 4.0, greek house, SS
Apollo Gemini: YA-Romance/Family, 4.0, greek house, SS, BMoC
Stella Terrano: YA-Knowlege, Fish, greek house, SS
Lot value & Cash on hand: Not noted.


Family 5- Week2- Days 1-7- Hogan: The new place.

Hello !
Welcome to my new home!
To the left, you'll see me, Andrea, and my Fiancee Joe Carr with our daughter.
Jodie Beth.

It seems no sooner had I moved in with Joe, she was born!
Although there actually were several days of me going to work like a pumpkin in there somewhere.

We've already had to enlarge our new home.
Luckily, we were able to get supplies from Mars City.
Joes bosses were no help. Other than the §20,000 we had to buy and renovate our home, he was paid a moving bonus in.. of all things.. CLOTHES.
Well, it's nice to have a wardrobe, anyway.. even if not all of it fits.

Joe was able to get several promotions afterwards... using that, and my pay from my job, we bought a few fun items, and started letting people pay us for time spent using them.

It's working out ok so far, although later I think I'll want to buy a lot for my business.

This one lady showed up, played a little bowling, and scribbled in a notebook... Joe was worried about what she might want, but then she went and played a while with Jodie, so she can't be all bad.
After a while, she just left.

Jodie likes her, and now for some reason tells me her bunny toy's name is egzovereazee.

Hogan House Stats end of week 2:
Andrea: Adult-Fortune, Counterfitter- short 1 creativity for promotion, 3 BF
Joe Carr: Adult-Fortune, Top of Business track- Studying for LTW career change. 6 BF + 5 F
Jodie B.: Toddler. 8pts Charisma, 4 friends.
Lot Value: §49,641 Cash: §10,947
(Home business: rank 4=value §20,000)

Controllers note: Joe brought in less than §3,000 when he moved in. I was advised to eliminate his move-in funds to put them more on a par with the other families... I spent about §5,000 on clothing, just to make sure I wasted enough.
Other than the starting §20k, they actually built this all up in a week.


Family 4- Week2- Days 2-7- Gemini

Hi! This is Ambrose Gemini!

I guess I'll be giving the updates for a while, because my brothers are outta here.

Anyway, Tuesday my brothers and I had a little discussion... We were too short on funds even to buy groceries. Aries got a job at some fast food joint to get us some spending money, and Apollo groused, but wouldn't let him do the work alone, and got himself a job in the Martian Armed Forces.
They didn't want me to get a job yet, since I had a lot of studying to do... But I fooled them. While they were off to work on their first day at their new jobs, I had a ticket machine installed. ( I had to hock a couple gifts Apollo had gotten to afford it, tho.. ) By the time they got home from work, I'd already made more than their take-home pay.
Apollo griped that it would destroy his social life, but I pointed out to him that he's such a 'stone-cold fox' that his girls wouldn't mind paying money to spend time with him... He had to agree about that.

Anyway, the rest of the week, we partied, and the other two went to work. They didn't really want to admit I'd found an easier way for us to prepare for college and our futures than their minimum wage jobs.

By the end of the week, they'd gotten as far as they could in their jobs, and announced they were off to college.

They sent me a picture of them at their dorm mailbox. They're looking good.. but Apollo sure seems to be dressing oddly for him... Maybe girls in the dorms prefer a less... Stone-cold fox... appearance?

The school bus is here!! and there's a customer on his way to complain... I didn't pick up the gelatin dish the second he was through eating, I bet...
I've gotta scram before he makes me miss the bus!

Gemini end of week 2 Stats:
Ambrose: Teen-Family, 6BF + 1 F, 4 scholarships.
Apollo: YA-Romance-Outta here. §5,000 in Scholarships.
Aries: YA-Pleasure-Outta here. §5,000 in Scholarships.
Lot Value: 32,691 Cash on hand:§1,499
(Home Business=3 *'s =§15,000 value)


Family 3- Week2- Days 2-7- Scorpio

Hello, Anassa Scorpio here again to give you this weeks update.

It's been wearing a lot on my mind lately what to do about Acrisius.

I found myself just sitting and thinking about him.. Unable to concentrate on anything else.
I've never felt about anyone else like I've felt about him... When I'm with him, I have fun.. Despite his singlemindedness on Sandwiches.

While I was doing some housework, I hit a bald wire on the TV... That was a shocking experience, and a reminder that life's too short.
Then I got a love note from Acrisius... He can somehow be so sweet... There was a faint cheesy odor the cologne sprayed on the letter couldn't hide, however.
I called Acrisius's family, and scheduled a time for a visit without his presence... I've made my decision. I'm going over to the Sagitar house to try out that little machine of Acrisius's. I'm taking a ring and a single rose Acrisius gave me to try to remember that I want to marry him.
We'll see what happens now.

Hi everyone.
Andromeda here.
Well, Grandma did it.
She went and fried herself into a grilled cheese fanatic like that guy of hers, and forgot that she needed to tell you the results.

She somehow rememberred after she came home and ate a plate of sandwiches to invite Acrisius over and asked him to marry her someday. He said yes.
Of course once she got past that, she doesn't seem to remember that they should be planning a wedding. They just eat more sandwiches.
Acrisius seemed to be very happy with her change, tho and brought her and us a gift.
A Karaoke machine full of songs about... cheese.

Meanwhile, I've had a fairly decent week.

I've had 10 first dates.
Most of them I wouldn't want to go out with again, but we had fun on our dates anyway!!

I made a few flower arrangements while I was at the Storage and Docks, waiting on some guy to show up... I figure I may need to know how to make a nice arrangement if some guy ever asks me out and we have a really good time.

My brother Ajax has been pretty boring lately... all he ever seems to do is study.. he says if he's going to be a good provider for his 6 or more kids someday, he's going to need a good education.

Well, That's about it... I gotta run now.. the school bus is almost here, and there's this cute guy in class I want to go out with..

Scorpio end of week 2 stats.
Anassa: Elder-GC, 63 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 6 BF + 7 F
Andromeda: Teen-Pleasure, 10 of 50 first dates. 4 BF + 7 F
Ajax : Teen-Family, 4 scholarships, almost five. 3 BF + 2 F.
Lot Value: §17,119 Cash on Hand: §1,117


Family 2- Week2- Days 2-7- Sagitar

Acrisius Sagitar speaking... My kids were all busy and asked me to speak to you.
I told them only if they promised to finish their grilled cheese sandwiches today, instead of leaving the crust for me... Growing kids have to have their grilled cheese...
Um.. quite right.
They also asked me to keep the cheesiness to a minimum.. (yum.. cheesey..)

Anyway.. not a lot happened this week of importance..
Aldara went to college with a §4,750 scholarship... I told her all she needed to know how to do was make grilled cheese... she seems to think there's more to life than sandwiches... more.. Impossible!

um.. yeah.
Adonis fell in love with Kay and Tamara someone or another, and they had some fun.
Admeta is Best freinds with Ivy Copur and Anassa...
Aleta found a new love in Sophie M.
Athena swears all she can do around us is work, and despairs of finding any men.

OK.. that's pretty much it, except that I have eaten more grilled cheese sandwiches... I've been experimenting with different cheeses, trying to find the ones whos molds give the sandwich the best flavor... let me tell you about it... it will only take about two hours or so if I keep it short...
Hey!! Where are you going!
Come back here! let me tell you about the cheese!....

Sagitar family stats- End of week 2.
Acrisius: Elder. GC. 116 Grilled cheese sandwiches down.
Adonis: Adult. ROM. 5 loves/woohoos.
Athena: Adult. ROM. Superstar, ready to promote.
Admeta: Adult. POP. 8 BF + 3 F. Flight officer, ready to promote.
Aldara : YA. §§§. Off to college with §4,750.
Aleta: teen. ROM. 2 loves, 1 crush.
Lot Value: §24,062 Cash: §11,071

Controllers note... Blogger wouldn't let me upload the photos for this one for some reason... they weren't too impressive... maybe I'll upload them later, maybe not. (update.. I uploaded 1.)


Family 1- Week2- Days 2-7- Virgo.

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here yet again.... I've got some nice pictures and info for you today...

A lot happened.. I still can't quite beleive it as I sit here typing to you.

OK.. Well.. Let me start from the beginning.
The last I told you, everyone else had had a big day, and several Kids grew to teens.

So what.

Virgos Guys
The rest of this week went interestingly for me though.

First, I had a great time with several guys.
There was Ken Cox, Donte Love, Zeeshan Larrea, Thomas Straight, Brandon in the skirt, Abhijeet D.... Well, I had dream dates with all of them... One or two I have yet to talk into a woohoo... but not much longer.

Zeeshan, I had a particularly nice time with, so here's several pictures of him.

Virgo Babe
Someone left me a little surprise, proving that my pre-flight injection wasn't 100% effective..
looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I still looked good, but I wasn't sure what the guys would think, But Brandon said I was still one hot mamma..
hmm.. Mamma.. Me.
Well, even if she wasn't planned, or even originally wanted, I wouldn't give my new daughter Briseis up for the world.
I wonder if I should tell Zeeshan I think she's his?

The guys left me several gifts .. nice stuff that I didn't particularly need or have room for.
Two left busts of Tylowhatvia...
One left me a nice Stereo system..
and one gave me a Piano... Does it look like I have room for a piano?

I figured out something to do with the piano tho.
More on that later.

I really need to enlarge the house now for me and Bri.. If some building supplies will just come in. I've managed to make a very small house a very comfy home, but babies shouldn't grow up too cramped.

Aphrodite and Apollo
The fun didn't have to stop with motherhood..
While I was having a child, that adorable young Gemini guy grew up to young adult... That's old enough for me.
Me and him had a fun time at his place in college... Well, before he ruined himself.

I'll let him tell you about that in his update from college.

oooh!! Hunky guy alert!! Gotta go!

Virgo Stats, end of Week2
Aphrodite: 8 Loves/woohoos, 2 Crushes/Bfs - Freelance Web-designer, needs 1 friend and 1 Charisma point for promotion to LTW.
Briseis : Infant. (r)
Lot Value/Cash: Lot Value: 14,102 ? Cash: 19,455

Controllers note... While Aphrodite was pregnant, I tried out the new 'go to work while pregnant' feature with OFB... She went to work late that day, and was fired despite maternity leave and a good job performance meter... As I think this was a glitch, and she quicky re-received and surpassed her lost job level, I'm not counting the deduction this once. She's already penalized by no Maternity Leave.

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