Thursday, May 11, 2006


End of Week 3 Prosperity Score

Total points Week 3
week 3= 34 Pts
persim = 1.61
The breakdown: with additional info.

Hood- §§§ total (not counted in house points)
§§§ 3 weeks = 272786 = 3
// #of sims total = 21

/<> indicates change by orb
/{} indicates change by college
() indicates rolled, but not yet in effect
*indicates on occurrence scoring item
^^indicates item that will be scored as a whole.
$$$=OFB possible scoring item

CASx=Create A Sim, age when created.
TWNx=townie (counts as G1/CAS??), age when made playable
ya=youngadult (added during uni or to uni from teen townie)
PPP=Platinum Dead

TOC= Top of career


*** Virgo [current house points[[ 4 ]] ]

Aphrodite- CAS-A-F-ROM--LTWacheived = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
^^LTW acheivedTOC - *Top of career (Slacker) - 13 loves
Briseis: G2-C-F-(fam) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Beryl: G2-C-F- (pop) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]

*** Sagitar [current house points [[ 6 ]] ]

Acrisius- CAS*e-E-M-rom/<GC>-eat200gc = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
LTW close 194 GC
Adonis: CASa-A-M,ROM-Woohoo20 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Woohoos 9 /loves 10
Athena: CASa-A-F-ROM--LTWacheived = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
^^LTW acheivedTOC - *TOC (Athletics) Loves: 5
Admeta: CASa-A-F-POP-BeGeneral = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
LTW close level 9/10
Aleta: CASc-T-F-ROM-Woohoo20 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
4250 in Scholarships.

*** Scorpio = [current house points [[ 3 ]] ]
Anassa: CAS*e-E-F-plsr/<GC>-Eat200 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
193 Grilled Cheese Eaten, Needs 6 friends for Top Influence
Andromeda:CASc-T-F-PLSR-1stDates50 = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Has had 24 First Dates. crushes 7, loves 1, 11 BF, 8F
Ajax: CASc-T-M-FAM-Have6kids; = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
4750 Scholarships, 7 BF, 1 love

*** Gemini = [current house points [[ 1 ]] ]
Ambrose: CASc-T-M-FAM-??? = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]

*** Hogan = [current house points [[ 7 ]] ]
Andrea Hogan: TWNa-A-F-FORT-earn100,000 = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
50,792 of 100,000 earned- *TOC (criminal) -3 BF 1 F
Joe Carr: TWNa-Adult-M-FORT-beHallOfFamer = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
*TOC(business)- Superstar (7th) Promotable. 10 BF 1 F
Jodie B(eth): G2-C-F-(rom) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Andrew B: G2-T-M-(know) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]
Joe B: G2-T-M-(fam) = [current sim points[[ 1 ]] ]

*** VS2G Greek House = [current house points [[ 10 ]] ]
Aldara Sagitar: CASt-YA-F-Fort-beHallOfFamer = [current sim points[[ 3 ]] ]
College- *Grad CSL -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim
Aries Gemini: CASt-YA-M-PLSR-beCelebrityChef = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
College- Grad MCL 3.9 ? -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim
Apollo Gemini: CASt-YA-M-rom/{FAM} = [current sim points[[ 3 ]] ]
College- *Grad CSL -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim
Stella Terrano: TWNya-YA-F-KNOW-?? = [current sim points[[ 2 ]] ]
College- Jr4.0 -^^is SS - ^^is Greek - *is Big Sim

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Week3- College -Greek House


Aldara Scorpio here.

The boys and I are finally through college!

Now I can start earning money for real... Sure, I have already started a business, and it's going pretty well, but no one ever really takes college students seriously... College grads however...

After graduation, the guys wanted to wait and party a while before going back to the colony... I went ahead and stayed with them. I wonder if I shouldn't have just gone back though? I love Aries, and all... but he never takes work seriously.. Hows he ever gonna be the rich sim I want to marry that way?

Anyway.. Party time's over. I told the guys I was ready to leave, and they followed me. That Stella girl is going to stay behind and finish her junior and senior years. I can't say I really approve of her and Apollos relationship, but at least she's doing that much right.

Taxi's here... Come over to Aldara's Florals and Furnishings when you can! I've got the best deals on all your floral and furnishing needs... and for you, I'll give you a discount.

Greek House -- was level 6, dropped to 5
4 Sims- dropping to 1

Lot Value : §14,020 Cash: §10,920
Aldara: F,Fort-beHallOfFamer; SS, Greek, Big Woman, Graduated CSL 4.0
Aries: M,Plsr-beCelebretyChef; SS, Greek, Big Sim, Graduated MCL 3.9 :(
Apollo: M,Fam-Grad3Kids; SS, Greek House, Big Sim, Graduated CSL 4.0
Stella: F,Know-??; SS, Greek House, Big Woman, Jr year, Semester 2, GPA 4.0


Week3- Family 5- Hogan

Hello, Andrea Hogan here again.
Boy do I have some news...

Well, First off, my precious littel girl Jodie grew up into a beautiful child.

I was waiting, to give Joe some space, and time with me and Jodie B., before reminding him we were engaged, and seeing if he still wanted to marry me, when what happened?

That's right.. I got pregnant again.. and, Surprise... it was TWINS.
I named them Joe B. and Andrew.
I really hope my 3 favorite Martians don't frighten Joe off... I really *do* want to marry him. He seems to love the kids, but just hasn't decided yet.

I got a promotion, and reached the summit of the.. erm... Less than legal career track... But what kind of career is that when you're raising a family? I bought my way into a career in athletics instead. We'll let the kids think that is where their mom got the money to start a home business, and raise them.

I hope I can start earning some REAL money soon... Otherwise I may just buy into a new shop where the shopkeeper owes some simoleons to the Martian Mafia... Hey.. I still got connections, after all.
Shh! Here comes Jodie... I've got to run now!

Hogan Family Stats end of week.
5 sims
Lot value: §74,746 Cash: §28,081
Andrea: Adult,F,Fort-earn100,000; 50,792 of 100,000 earned, 3 BF 1 F
Jodie B.: Child,F,n/a; 4BF, 4 F, Lots of Skills
Twins-Non Cheesecake
Andrew B.: Toddler,M,n/a; 2 F
Joe B.: Toddler,M,n/a; 0 F
Joe Carr: Adult,M,Fort-beHallOfFamer; Superstar (7th) Promotable. 10 BF 1 F


Week3- Family 4- Gemini

Alert: Elevated sunspot activity. Quality of images included with this communique too low to present. Voice transmission only.

Hey, This is Ambrose Gemini.
My brothers are still at college, and will be transmitting a separate update.
Not much has been going on with me. I've been doing a lot of studying for school, and to prepare myself for college.
One interesting thing did happen... Adonis Sagitar was visiting my business, messing around and hitting on all the women. That Aphrodite Virgo caught him kissing Jan Tellerman. She slapped Jan, but Jan said it was worth it to her.. she thinks she's in love.
My business has been going pretty well, even with little things like that happening.
I've got to go now. I'll be heading out to college soon.. I hope my brothers get back in time to keep any homesteaders from grabbing our place.

Gemini end of week Stats.
1 Sim
Lot Value: §48,313 Cash: §6,363
Ambrose: Teen,M,Fam-?; §8,000 scholarship, 7 BF.
Home Business, Rank 6


Week3- Family 3- Scorpio

Hello! (Munch Munch)
Thish is Anassa Scorpio. (Munch Munch)

Pardon me talking with my mouth full.. but this shandwich is shoo good I can't stop eating... (Munch Munch)

Well, Andromeda has been dating like there'sh no tomorrow.. (Munch Munch) Boysh, girlsh, it doeshn't seem to matter to her... She says she wants to get through the mosht life she can before college, and reshponshibilitiesh.. (Munch Munch Munch)

Ajaxsh hash just been doing a lot of shtudying... (Munch Munch) I guesh thatsh good... maybe he'll learn to make a really good Martian Cheeshe.. (Munch Munch)

Well, I gotta go. The kidsh'll be leaving for college shoon, and I want to make them each a fresh plate of Cheeshe shandwichesh to take with them... After I'm through eating that is.. (Munch Munch Munch Munch)


Scorpio end of week Stats.
3 sims.
Lot Value : §19,384 Cash : §4,384
Anassa: Elder,F,GC-Eat200; 193 Grilled Cheese Eaten, Needs 6 friends for Top Influence.
Andromeda:Teen,F,Plsr-50 1stDates; Has had 24 First Dates. crushes 7, loves 1, 11 BF, 8F
Ajax: Teen,M,Fam-Have6kids; 4750 Scholarships, 7 BF, 1 love


Week3- Family 2- Sagitar

Heya! The one, The only, Adonis again!!

Let me tell you what's up with the Donster.

I spent a lot of time this week doing the whole Dating thing...
I got tired of finding the Lay-dies myself, and this here Gypsie Chick (she mighta been cute when she was about 200 years younger.. but now... Yikes..) shows up and says she can find me the right girl for me.
I didn't really beleive her, but I handed her a 20 and said 'Go for it'.
You know, some of them girls she gave me were really cute!!
Some were cows, but I guess if I can hand her 20 bucks and get a date with a girl it's worth it!
Athena decided to try it as well, and finally got to go on a date or few herself.
She hasn't done as well as me, but Who can? I mean, she's not me, so she's automatically doomed for failure... even though she does have the advantage of having my winning genes, and being a Hall-Of-Famer on top of that.
Anyway, while she was on a date the other night, that skirted guy, brenton, or something like that.. Caught her on a date.
That guys been kicking over our trash ever since.
But hey, at least he left us a Bust of Tylopedia!

Pops has still been eating his Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... He's saying he's almost up to some magic number, Aleta's been pretty much of a little dater herself, and Admeta's getting pretty high up in military life. She's gotten to be freinds with a lot of the people Athena and I invite over. She doesn't much care for the way we treat them, but promises not to talk unless it involves National Security.

... Well... Breaks over, Back to dating!
Oh! and Dating Materials a bit in short supply here... Why don't you send any babes over your way, over MY way? Otherwise... Some of the guys are starting to look cute.
But not the guy in the skirt.
That's just wrong!

Sagitar End of week Stats.
5 Sims.
Lot Value : §30,818 Cash: §25,033
Acrisius: Elder,M, GC-Eat 200; 194 Grilled Cheeses Eaten... Almost to Emmental Enlightenment.
Adonis: Adult,M,Rom-Woohoo20; loves/makeouts: 10 Woohoos: 9
Athena: Adult,F,Rom-AcheivedLTW; Loves: 5
Admeta: Adult,F,Pop-BeGeneral; Currently Astronaut. Ready to promote.
Aleta: Teen,F,Rom-Woohoo20; 4250 in Scholarships.


Week 3 - Family 1 - Virgo

Hi! Aphrodite Virgo here.

It's been an interesting week.

When we left off, I'd just had a new baby, and was worrying about enlarging my house.

Well, the baby grew up into a toddler... Much easier to take care of... leave her in a bedroom full of toys while I date... But then all of the sudden I find out I'm expecting again!!!
Well, I'll continue dating somehow... I hope I don't gain weight this time...
I told Abhijeet I was expecting, and thought it might be his... he gave me a florid font.
What good will that be raising a kid?? Well.. I sold it for building money anyway.
Amin gave me a pinball machine and a DJ booth. I guess I was having a little emotional overflow from the whole pregnancy thing... I proposed to him then and there!
What was I thinking?? A sim like ME shouldn't get married...

After little Beryl was born, and Briseis grew into a child I finally started on my remodeling.

Good thing I finally have my income from being a professional Party Guest to pay for it!

Even so, I had to save some of the planned remodel for later. Can you beleive I couldn't afford WINDOWS for my bedroom? It makes it so drab and dreary in here... I'll add them soon.

Well, Beryl is a toddler now, now I just have to watch out for Bri... she's almost caught me with the guys several times... And I think she's a bit young for that still.

Virgo Stats- End of week.
3 sims
Lot Value = §30,226 Cash on hand = §5,034
Aphrodite: Adult, F; LTW acheived!! Prof Party Guest. 13 Loves, 5 Crushes, 8 days to elder.
Briseis: Child, F; 4 friends, 7 days to teen (fam)
Beryl: Toddler,F; 4 days to Child (pop)

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